Publicis LMA's success story with Acolad

Learn how Publicis LMA had a graphic charter translated for an international aeronautics client

Publicis LMA, a B2B agency owned by Publicis Communications France, provides marketing and communications solutions to industrial and service-oriented companies using a collaborative, empathetic, and reputation-based "Open Transformation" model. While addressing all of its clients' business-related challenges, Publicis LMA creates influential brands with the goal of achieving sustainable growth.

The Challenge

The newly created company employs 85 people and made revenue of €14.7 million in 2017.

Their new client, one of the top companies in the aeronautics industry, asked them to create a new graphic charter. Publicis opted to entrust the project with translation professionals.

The Solution

Selecting the most suitable translators

The Acolad team had carefully pre-selected a pair of translators specialized in graphic charters. They were tested before the project was launched. This step secured the best resources and deadlines possible and ensured the translators were ready as soon as the documents were approved.


Monitoring the project

The Acolad team closely monitored the project's progress from the initial request to delivery. Publicis was given an InDesign file so the graphic design team could optimize the translation's layout before it was delivered to the client.

Why Acolad?

Choosing a responsive and trust-worthy language partner

Publicis is synonymous with quality. By turning to a translation partner, Publicis entrusts the international reputation of its client to the agency. Such responsibility requires an excellent level of service from the translation company, including good communication skills and quick response times. It is important to select the right agency in order to guarantee exceptional results within a short timeframe.


Working with expert translators with extensive experience in graphic charters

Finding an agency to translate French into English is relatively simple. However, many agencies don’t realize how particular this type of translation project can be and the specialized terminology it requires. Publicis had to find a language partner with access to translators well versed in graphic charters to deliver a high-quality product.

Laying the groundwork

Working for a client through a communications agency requires a customized approach to organization.

One month in advance, in order to analyze the amount of work that would be needed, the contact person from Acolad reached out to the Key Account Manager from Publicis LMA. This meant the production team was able to launch the translation as soon as the client signed off on the content and sent it to Acolad.

The Result

  • Delivery in one week
    From reception to delivery
  • Over 100 copies printed
    During a presentation to the entire communications committee
  • Distributed in 56 countries
    Global visibility internally and with service providers
“The project went smoothly. Thanks to the fast response times of the teams at Acolad, we were able to find the right solution and anticipate any delays. The translations were excellent. The client was happy with their new graphic charters. The document will be available on their intranet and provided to their external service providers."
“The organization and complete briefing put in place by the Acolad team saved time and helped the project move forward more quickly."

Key Account Manager
Publicis LMA

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