Case Study

Sterigenics launches multilingual website in record time

Discover how Sterigenics launched its website in six languages in just over a month to reach their international business goals.

Sterigenics - Global leader in sterilization solutions

Sterigenics, a Sotera Health company, is a global leader in comprehensive sterilization solutions and expert advisory services serving customers across the medical device, pharmaceutical, commercial, and food safety industries. With over 1,600 engineers, scientists, safety specialists and solution providers, Sterigenics is focused on eliminating threats to the health of humanity. As a global company, Sterigenics’ operations span 47 facilities in 13 countries to ensure they are the “point of safe” for their customers.

The Challenge

Cohesive branding is an essential component to any company’s identity and marketability. This strong digital presence influences the impact, conversion, brand recognition and trust gained through website visitors.

A unified brand identity also helps provide differentiation from the competition. However, maintaining a consistent brand in a global market, requiring communication in different languages, presents another level of difficulty.

Sotera Health and the Sterigenics team knew their digital presence needed to present a unified global identity. They were faced with extremely tight, market-driven deadlines in their effort to get their new website launched into six languages, yet had little to no internal resources to support the project.

In an effort to align their digital presence with Sotera Health and its business units (Nelson Labs® and Nordion®) and meet regulatory requirements, Sterigenics launched a multilingual site initiative. They required a solution that would simultaneously deliver the translated language versions of the website alongside the English source website. Sterigenics also needed continued support for ongoing maintenance and optimization of their multilingual, digital presence. 

The Solution

Having partnered with Acolad on multiple projects, Sterigenics trusted Acolad’s expertise to find the right solution and be able to execute quickly. The collaborative relationship between Acolad and Sterigenics has resulted in many positive accomplishments.

After consulting closely with the Sterigenics team to identify specific goals and requirements of the new multilingual marketing website, both parties agreed that Acolad’s website translation proxy was the ideal solution for the project.

The website translation proxy creates a multilingual mirror version of a source website with no need for developer intervention or costly internal development time on the client side. This meant Sterigenics could meet its tight deadline without exhausting or adding internal resources to get the job done. 


The Acolad team was knowledgeable, flexible and accessible. Their translation proxy enabled the multilingual launch of Sterigenics’ website in six languages in record time while maintaining our high standards and ensuring the continued support of our global web presence.

Amie Casson
Global Marketing Leader, Sterigenics

A translation proxy is the optimal website localization solution when:
  • The content structure is the same in every language
  • There are multiple languages to manage
  • There is no time for customized CMS setups
  • There are limited customer-side IT resources for the project
  • The customer wants to outsource localization management
The benefits speak for themselves:
  • No need to secure plugins or waste development time preparing its CMS for translation
  • Content is automatically extracted, no manual copy and paste required
  • Simple to use layout review tool allows in-country teams to sign off on translations
  • The translated versions of the site were launched in 30 days with very little effort needed from Sterigenics’ team
  • Acolad fully manages ongoing translated site delivery from end to end – no internal resource needs from Sterigenics

The Result

Sterigenics launched its new multilingual marketing site in record time. Acolad was able to deliver the site in the source language and six translated versions in just over a month after project kick-off. Better yet, the project required no manual copying and pasting or onerous content extraction and management from the Sterigenics team.

Acolad’s website localization experts and project team continue to reduce the effort required by the Sterigenics team by crawling and updating the site as needed across all languages, along with handling project queries via a dedicated project manager.

Between the expedited delivery and minimal effort required of Sterigenics’ own resources through setup and maintenance, Acolad is exactly what the Sterigenics team was searching for in the quest for a content and localization partner. 

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