Communicating with European citizens and protecting Europe's linguistic diversity

Learn how Acolad provides extensive, multilingual translation services for the European Union

The European Union is a unique economic and political union between 27 EU countries that together cover much of the continent. In line with its status as a democratic international organization, one of the EU's founding principles is multilingualism.

This policy aims at:

  • Communicating with its citizens in their own languages
  • Protecting Europe’s rich linguistic diversity
  • Promoting language learning in Europe

The Challenge

A large mass of text has to be translated into all official EU languages. The texts are difficult and from various specialized administrative sectors; translation of almost all these texts requires knowledge of law and a wide variety of other expertise, for example in agriculture, taxation, trade or politics.

There are strict formal requirements that apply to many text types, and they must be adhered to. These are extensive, multilingual translation projects that last several years and for which trustworthy professionals are needed.

The Solution

  • Translation services
  • Localization services
  • Proofreading services

Why Acolad?

  • Reliable quality and smooth processes generated by long-term cooperation.
  • High-quality translations; the customer regularly evaluates the quality, the result of which directly affects the volume of translations ordered.
  • Acolad is a large agency with an extensive network of subcontractors and it can provide translations of even several hundreds pages on a tight schedule.

The Result

Acolad provided dedicated customer-specific project managers for each EU body. The project managers know the customer's requirements and know how to find the best translators.

Acolad also provides experienced in-house translators and language reviewers who are versed in text-specific requirements and who also ensure the quality of translations and function as contact persons for subcontractors.

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