Case Study

Bugaboo: Reaching customers in markets worldwide with Machine Translation

How we helped a major stroller business to translate large volumes of content using the latest translation technologies, partnered with the human touch to enable a powerful global brand narrative.

About Our Client

Bugaboo is a Dutch design company, founded in 1996, well-known for the launch of an iconic stroller, the Bugaboo Classic, which conquered a unique position in the market.

Bugaboo’s strollers became must-have items for discerning celebrity mums and dads. Now, the company’s stylish products are sold in more than 50 countries and embraced by families around the world.

The Challenge

Operating in so many different countries brought demands for translation and localization at scale. Bugaboo’s translation needs had previously been divided between four different agencies, each responsible for a different slice of the company’s content output. This fragmented way of working meant that employees were spending a lot of time managing the various translation processes. It also led to inconsistencies in quality and messaging.

Bugaboo also wanted to implement a more powerful, unified, brand story across all content worldwide, regardless of the target country or language. That content needed to be translated across 24 different language combinations, including texts for marketing and communications, product manuals, packaging materials, and copy for its website. 

The Solution

We worked with Bugaboo to design the perfect translation strategy to communicate clearly across all 24 language combinations. To avoid translation workflows taking up the time of Bugaboo employees, we linked our Machine Translation tools directly into Bugaboo’s own CMS, meaning that content could be translated at the click of a button and then automatically published.

Our state-of-the-art Neural Machine Translation and API technology helped to quickly and efficiently translate even the largest, most content-heavy projects and integrate them with Bugaboo’s workflows. But our native translation subject matter experts were also on had to apply the human touch with professional post-editing to ensure accuracy. Bugaboo’s employees could keep track of the whole process with our integrated dashboard.

This integrated approach made sure we could help to communicate Bugaboo’s brand story with a single, powerful narrative, regardless of the language.

The Result

A powerful brand narrative shared easily across borders

  • Productivity with in-house staff freed up from the burden of overseeing translations.
  • Simplicity in using one translation partner to oversee all projects.
  • Faster translation requests, integrated into existing CMS at the click of a button.
  • Cost savings through letting high-tech machine translations take the strain.
  • Human touch from post-translation editing to add accuracy, clarity and local resonance

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