Case Study

Fores: Integrating legal translations into an innovative app platform

Find out how we helped provide highly technical legal translations to a leading Dutch legal business - and incorporate translation requests into its digital platform.

About Our Client

Fores Huisdeurwaarders is a partnership of regional legal offices connecting lawyers to the Dutch legal system through its innovative online platform.

Fores’ app is designed to enable clearer communication between advocates and bailiffs. Clients are offered a fast and flexible experience with the Fores platform, which connects lawyers with bailiffs for every situation.

The Challenge

Language barriers in a digital space

Easy communication between lawyers and bailiffs, while dealing with complex legal documents, is crucial to what makes Fores’ online platform a success. But advocates and clients might often be working across different languages, so a way to keep the platform running smoothly in a multilingual environment was essential.

Highly technical documents

The documents to be translated were often highly technical, with complex legal terminology, so highly trained translators with legal expertise were a must. In several cases, sworn translations would be the only versions accepted, which meant any solution had to provide translators certified to perform this role.

Need for instant understanding

Legal proceedings would sometimes require real-time translation, so it had to be possible to request interpreters for assignments too – to interpret either in-person or over the phone.

Dealing with sensitive information

Documents related to legal cases often contain extremely sensitive personal information. So the people and systems dealing with those documents would have to be fully compliant with data protection laws and best practices in information security.

The Solution

At Acolad, we have a dedicated bank of expert translators, with specialisms in the legal, financial, and tech industries (and many more). We connected these specialist linguists with Fores’ clients and bailiffs, and their expertise in the sector meant much smoother translations. Our experience in handling sensitive legal documents also meant we could meet the highest security and data protection standards.

We linked our translation workflows into Fores’ own platform with our Translation Connectors and CMS Integration. Not only could translations be requested at the click of a button, but requests for interpreters could also be made in the same way. Because this all worked through Fores’ own platform, it saved staff and users’ time and productivity.

Providing certified translators and interpreters has been a crucial part of how we enable businesses to operate across borders, particularly in the legal sector. We were able to connect Fores with specialized interpreters recognized by the courts, as well as certified translators who can provide that all-important stamp to guarantee the validity – and accuracy – of their work.

The Result

Flawless legal translations requested at the click of a button

  • Time and cost savings through being able to request translations from within Fores' own platform
  • Certified and sworn translations to ensure documents and translations are accepted by the courts
  • Improved quality of translations thanks to translators' experience in the legal field
  • Smooth communication between clients regardless of language boundaries

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