Success Story

US software company boosts EU sales with international SEO

Acolad's resilient content marketing strategy leads helps US software company thrive in challenging times: +81% sales in Germany, +143% sales in France, and a +76% increase in organic traffic.


About the client

Since 1987, this US-based video software company has provided innovative screen recording, video editing and multimedia content creation technology to the world’s largest corporations. Serving more than 50 million users worldwide in 180 countries and in five languages, they help their customers easily create images and videos to communicate more effectively.

Navigating growth: Tackling brand awareness, sales and localization challenges

Increase brand awareness in France and Germany
Drive more net-new organic traffic to the German and French websites

Boost sales in French and German markets
Drive more software downloads for their two flagship products “C” and “S”

Design a localization program
Driven by the end customers’ needs and challenges in the two target markets

Maintain a wide marketing funnel
By capturing new blog subscribers and nurturing existing

Limited marketing resources
Small, US-based in-house team; no additional budget for inbound program

From PPC to inbound: A strategic pivot for lasting impact

The client didn’t have additional budget to pursue a structured inbound strategy, but the team was spending a hefty budget on PPC ads to get traction on their blogs. The solution was to work with that same budget (no increase in costs) but to reallocate it to a different, more sustainable solution that would drive results in the short-term but also prepare their website and blog for long-term growth: combining SEO, native content creation and transcreation (creative translation) for some of the existing EN-US content.

A tailored content marketing strategy

When approaching the client’s objectives, Acolad had three key principles to the content marketing strategy presented:

1. Design content for context

Content would be created with the overall message and audience top-of-mind.

2. Focus on content creation, not translation

Acolad would create content that was more relevant to the clients French and German-speaking audiences, rather than repurposing the EN-US content. The topics that were relevant on the 3 markets would be localized through transcreation into French and German, but all other pieces of content would speak to the trends of the moment in the target countries.

3. Think global, design local

Acolad takes the client's larger global business goals (expanding into the two new markets) into account when designing the geo-specific content strategies for the new audiences.

Together we set out to have Acolad’s French and German teams author content based on our editorial brief – this way our customers got the same material but written by a native speaker. Their SEO services to further optimize for traffic generation were a great opportunity.

Localization Coordinator

How we applied these principles: a customized content optimization process

Step 1

Requirements and goals were determined by meeting with key stakeholders, including the International Business Strategist, Localization Coordinator, Customer & Market Strategist, and Web & Blog Manager.

Step 2

Content optimization process started with an analysis of existing website and blog, including keyword and competition research and a web content audit. Objective: identify areas for improvement and opportunities to optimize blog content.

Step 3

Develop content strategy and plan, including keyword and content mapping, and content calendars dedicated to each target markets. Objective: Ensure the client’s content was organized not just for users, but also for search engines, and that it was aligned with their business goals.

Step 4

Implementing our plan and tracking content performance. We optimized the client’s blog content in French and German, distributed and promoted it through their local quarterly newsletters, and measure their success. This allowed us to continually refine and improve the content writing efforts, resulting in more organic traffic, leads and product sales in those regions.

Content marketing team scaled up overseas

The (outsourced) local content marketing teams built a trust relationship in a very short time with the in-house team, integrating team discussions and biweekly meetings to align on all topics. Their in-house team of 5 was scaled up to reach two new overseas markets effectively while keeping budget under control (and no added overhead). This approach was successful for the two target markets, but it’s also scalable as new international objectives are set for the team.

Resilient content marketing: Acolad's strategy spotlight

Acolad's assistance in developing a recession-proof marketing strategy for our software company client proved invaluable. Shifting focus from PPC to SEO and organic content creation enabled sustainable growth without extra costs. This approach helped the client weather economic uncertainty, expand their team beyond physical locations, and attract new customers.

Our partnership showcases the power of content marketing in challenging times. By adopting the right approach, even with a hybrid team, companies can thrive. The strategy's success has become a benchmark in the tech and localization industries, with the client invited to present at LocWorld Silicon Valley 2022.

Expanding partnership to new markets

With the success of the collaboration model for these markets, the partnership is already being extended for the Spanish market. Acolad is also now supporting the client's US and UK content operations with native English content creation and copywriting.

Working with Acolad was a new stepping stone for us. With Acolad, there are no barriers, we both want the best for the end users. We have Acolad working on our systems, collaborating with our internal teams. Do you know how much time that saves me? It’s immense.

Localization Coordinator

The result

From local to global triumph: Acolad's resilient content marketing strategy delivers


sales in Germany


sales in France


increase in organic traffic


content marketing team

The all-inclusive content marketing strategy, allowed the client to scale up its marketing efforts for international success, focused on the end users. While keeping the brand’s essence and creative nuance, marketing messages were culturally adapted to fit each audience. The client saw an increase in website organic traffic of 76% coming  from the blog posts worked on by Acolad.

After reading the blogs, visitors went into website product pages to learn more about the software solutions. The year wasn’t even over, and the client had already reached 81% more downloads to DE and 143% to FR than the previous year! (Data reported in October)

Ready to drive international success with resilient content marketing?

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