Case Study

Technical translation helps manufacturer scale across markets worldwide

Find out how a global forklift manufacturer cut translation costs and timescales, while expanding the number of languages in which its documentation was available.

About The Client

Our client is a global leader in the manufacturing of forklifts and handling platforms. It has the largest product range in its sector, so produces a very large volume of technical documentation in many languages.

The Challenge

With operations on a global scale, this manufacturer faced a complex and time-consuming process of creating technical documentation and translating it across many languages to be able to provide clear, essential information for customers.

Multiple translation providers had previously done these translations, which led to problems with keeping consistent terminology. It also meant employees had to do a lot of administrative work to track and oversee the translation processes.

Finally, the client wanted to reach new markets by expanding the number of languages documents were available in, from eight to more than 18 – all while having the capability to update these documents in all languages from time to time.

The Solution

We looked at the existing manual translation processes used by the Client in QuarkXPress, which operated through manual exchanges back and forth among multiple translation partners. 

We instead put in place an industrial process based on best practices, developed from Acolad’s 30 years of experience in manufacturing translation. Thanks to this bank of expertise, we could optimize the manufacturer’s localization ecosystem and bring it up to current standards, adapting technology, processes and guidelines to their unique environment and compliance requirements. Here’s how we did it:

Translation process review

We analyzed the existing Quark file structure and recommended a new process, as well as a move towards the use of InDesign and layers to economize the translation process. This streamlined way of working meant it was possible to expand the number of languages from eight to more than 18 in the most economical way possible. The new system is also scalable, allowing new languages to be added in the future as needed.

Translation and terminology

We rationalized existing linguistic resources and added new ones into a single multilingual glossary to manage technical terminology. This makes sure materials could be smoothly translated into the increased number of languages, using consistent terminology across markets.

Technical project management expertise

Our expert teams of project managers and technical translators could use their extensive experience in working with clients in the manufacturing sector to easily translate technical documents and put optimized processes in place.

Validation and checklists

We introduced new page layout guides and brought in quality assurance processes so they could be validated, including a delivery checklist to make sure all work was carried out within the guidelines set by the client.

The Result

Technical documents in multiple languages translated faster and more efficiently


reduction in translation costs


new languages to speak to the world


reduction in production time


fewer translation email exchanges

Our work with the client helped improve their localization processes to deliver consistent technical content across markets, visible in these concrete results. The cost savings in producing translations and page layouts meant producing fresh materials in new languages was more economically viable.

The 10 new languages added to the library of available after-sales support materials allowed the client to expand to new markets and provide even better customer support in existing ones. Translated technical documentation could also be produced more quickly with the new workflows and technology, and with far less time-consuming input by the teams involved.

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