Case Study

Content globalization for a global cybersecurity group

A quest for content quality and brand consistency across languages and markets. The answer? A dedicated team with full knowledge of the tech industry requirements and a tailored localization strategy, including the best translation technology.




The Client

Our client is a global leader in cloud, cybersecurity and high-performance computing services. With 100,000 employees and a strong presence worldwide, more than half of the client’s turnover comes from international markets. 

The Challenge

Acolad first started working with this cybersecurity group from their headquarters in France, but as we delivered successful projects one after the other, our collaboration progressively expanded, and we started working with their teams across the globe. The challenge then became to guarantee brand consistency for customers and audiences worldwide.

For the client, centralizing all global content streams on one provider meant guaranteeing brand consistency for customers and audiences worldwide.

The Solution

Our collaboration began with the signing of a framework agreement in 2019 and then a project kick-off meeting with the client team and our project manager to gather all information needed to build the best approach for their localization strategy. Centralizing all global content streams on one provider was the answer to their main challenge.

To support the group’s global communications, Acolad setup a dedicated international team, including a project manager and a Solution Manager in charge of handling all their localization projects across regions.

Acolad has been providing translation and localization services in +40 different languages combinations for different types of content and channels such as corporate websites, policies and communications, IT manuals and marketing collateral. 

We appreciate the responsiveness of the Acolad team, their mastery of the terminology and glossary specific to our company, and their ability to handle requests and communicate with different points of contact within our company.

Localization Point of Contact, Global cybersecurity group

Why Acolad

Best-in-class translation technology

Our customer portal has been instrumental to centralize requests and communications, but other translation tools and the use of translation memories and corporate glossaries have also allowed us to accelerate translation turnaround times, save costs and guarantee terminology harmonization while meeting local requirements. 

Subject-matter expertise

We ensure all our linguists are specialized in their fields (e.g. Marketing, IT, Legal) and are familiar with the tech industry terminology and content types within their domain.

Content quality and brand consistency

We translate material on a just-in-time basis with short deadlines, while guaranteeing an impeccable quality that goes beyond simple translation, taking into account the tone of the brand.

Dedicated team all year round

A pool of translators used to work on these projects every year, must be available for several weeks to localize this voluminous content. 


The Result

For over 3 years, Acolad has been consistently delivering on our quality promise, on time and on-brand content for the different cybersecurity translation needs.

The key drivers for the success of the different projects have been the close collaboration established between central and country teams, as well as the use of top-notch tools for project management, translation and process automation.

All requests, communications and last-minute and urgent changes are handled directly through our customer portal.