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Compliance training for Biocodex through elearning

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Established in 1953, Biocodex is a pharmaceutical company that operates in more than 120 countries. Biocodex Nordics operates in the Nordic and Baltic countries, providing specialist services to companies.


Biocodex needed an easy way to train its personnel located in different countries. Acolad was chosen as the partner and e-learning as the training format.

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Elearning solution for Biocodex Nordics

See the video to learn how e-learning is helping Biocodex not only with the training of its own international staff, but also with its customers’ training needs.

Find out how Biocodex utilized elearning in their compliance training.

Hanna-Maija Koponen-Piironen, Director of Pharmaceutical and Medical Services at Biocodex Nordics, and Susanna Heinonen, Head of Pharmacovigilance at Biocodex Nordics, explain why e-learning was chosen as the method for implementing the compliance training when the goal was to train international target audiences easily and effectively.

Length & languages
Audio: Swedish
Subtitles: English, Swedish, Finnish, French
Length: 7 minutes 4 seconds

  • 00:00 – Presentation of Biocodex and general information about the company
  • 01:00 – Why was producing this e-learning so important? Why did you choose e-learning as the format?
  • 03:31 – What was the goal of this e-learning?
  • 03:56 – Why did you choose Acolad as your partner?
  • 04:34 – How did the production process proceed?
  • 06:02 – Tips for other companies       
  • 06:54 – Contact Acolad


*AAC Global Oy and AAC Global AB are part of Acolad Group, and use Acolad brand name in marketing.

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