Elearning animation

Engage your learners with animation

Custom character elearning animation

We can work with you to develop 2D characters, or, for something flashier, 3D characters that reflect your brand identity for your elearning.

Smooth transitions

Our elearning production team's art directors know how to apply transitions that will grab your learners' attention in elearning, and keep them focused on the information they need to know.

Enhanced UX

If you need to demonstrate how to use a tool or application, we can apply animations for your elearning content that will enhance the user experience.

Eye-catching, engaging animation for elearning

Our elearning animation specialists on the Learning Content Services team at Acolad can enhance your elearning with animations that make your content stand out. Learners are no longer satisfied with static, motionless content since they can easily access a wealth of animated content online. Grab their attention with our custom animation solutions that are grounded in pedagogical principles to ensure your learners get the most out of your elearning. Make your elearning content come to life with professional animation techniques.

What elearning animation options are available?

Here are some of the elearning animation options available to add to your elearning production that the Acolad Learning Content Services team can develop:

  • 2D characters that can be customized to match your brand or built from your own company image banks
  • 3D characters that stand out and demand users' attention
  • Fully animated stories and scenarios that engage and entertain
  • Interactive infographics that illustrate concepts and data
  • Smooth, logical transitions that add a professional shine and improve user experience
  • Animations that comply with accessibility standards

How can animation enhance elearning?

Nobody likes to click through a drab, boring PowerPoint that lacks movement, or visually interesting elements. Animation can bring elearning on any topic to life.

  • Information delivered by friendly animated characters is more relatable and more comprehensible
  • Clarify complex material with animations
  • Model appropriate actions or correct behavior with seamless animations
  • Animation captures learners' attention and makes them more invested in learning

What does the process look like?

  1. Send training materials to Acolad's Learning Content Services team 
  2. Kick-off meeting, either virtual or face-to-face 
  3. Scriptwriter completes first draft of the script 
  4. Client reviews the script, and returns to the scriptwriter for revision 
  5. Scriptwriter revises the script and the final version is sent to the client for confirmation 
  6. Art Director submits visual concept to client 
  7. After confirmation from the client, the Learning Content Services team begins to compile the eLearning demo 
  8. eLearning demo is sent to the client for review 
  9. After approval from the client, the Learning Content Services team finalizes the eLearning and sends the SCORM package to the client. 


For projects involving video, custom animations, and other more complex add-ons, the project timeline will be longer. Learn more about our elearning services. 

Pros and cons: Stock vs. custom characters

So you'd like to include a character or two in your elearning, but you aren't sure which is better: to use stock characters, or to have our elearning team create custom characters for your use only.

Stock characters

Pros of using stock characters:
  • More cost-efficient
  • Quick to create and integrate in your elearning
  • Diverse range of character types and animation styles
Cons of using stock characters:
  • Limited ability to customize to fit your brand
  • May be difficult to find a character that suits your purposes and preferences

Custom characters

Pros of using custom characters:
  • Tailor made to your specifications
  • Can be developed to fit your company brand
  • We can use your custom characters for future elearning projects
Cons of using custom characters:
  • More time-consuming to create
  • More expensive, but costs can vary depending on whether they are 2D or 3D

What if I need the elearning animations localized?

Our main business is translation and localization, so we have the expertise to ensure that all your elearning animations function seamlessly, in any language. Just leave it to our experts!

We wanted to make an eLearning course that would be fresh and different from our previous version, covering real-life scenarios for ethical decision-making. Acolad was very flexible in responding to our demands, and also their specialization in translation services was helpful in this project with 20 language versions.

Director, Ethics & Compliance