Elevate your B2B strategy with video marketing

While most of us are familiar with how B2C companies use videos to promote their products and services to consumers, B2B companies aren't as well-known for their use of this medium. However, more and more B2B companies are catching up with the video marketing trend, and incorporating videos into their communication and marketing strategies.

What are the advantages of video in B2B?

Video is now part of the global marketing landscape. Due to its ability to easily capture the attention of Internet users, the video format has become essential to stand out from other brands.

In the world of B2B, video content serves a different purpose than in B2C. It's all about sharing facts, educating, and showing the value of your product or service. Unlike B2C videos, which can be more fun and casual, B2B videos aim for professionalism and seriousness.

However, this doesn't mean your video content has to be boring. Remember, even though you're selling to businesses, you're still reaching out to people. So, keep your content professional but also interesting. Stay updated with trends and don't hesitate to add a touch of humor to connect with your audience.

According to a study by Wyzowl in 2023, a remarkable 92% of video marketing professionals found that videos had a positive impact on their ROI. They noticed more website visitors, increased lead generation, longer website visit times, higher click rates, improved conversion rates, and a drop in technical support calls. Videos also helped customers better grasp their products or services. These advantages make a compelling case for B2B companies to jump into video creation.

When should you use video?

Several types of videos can be integrated into your marketing strategy:

  • presentation videos of your company, allowing you to present your team, and your production site and improve your brand image.
  • customer testimonials or feedback videos. The idea is to reassure a prospect via the technique of "storytelling", by telling a story that speaks to them. It's a widely used format, which is interesting both for the company that sells the product and for the one that testifies.
  • demo videos for the use of a product or service or tutorial type videos. Example: for remanufactured cartridges: OWA Armor Print Solutions or Maje Paris for the promotion of a new collection .
  • event videos , to promote an event (before, during and after). Example, Valtus for the promotion of the best moments of the 7th edition of the Transition Manager trophies.
  • webinars, whether they showcase your offering, your tools or your expertise.

These videos are ideal for sharing on social media platforms, making them easily accessible to your audience for sharing with their followers. Several large B2B companies have gained substantial popularity on platforms like YouTube and Facebook. For instance, Cisco, boasting nearly 330,000 subscribers, consistently releases a video a day on its YouTube channel.

Why integrate subtitling into your video strategy?

The internet's global reach makes video distribution incredibly accessible worldwide, making it a missed opportunity if not leveraged. However, there's a significant hurdle to overcome: language barriers. Fortunately, there's a quick and cost-effective solution to make your videos accessible to a multilingual audience: professional subtitling. Subtitling, done by specialized experts, enhances the visibility of your corporate video and broadens its international appeal.

Subtitling is a concise and accurate method that conveys the video's content while preserving its engaging format. An increasing number of videos now provide captions for the original text, enabling silent viewing – a popular preference among social media users.

In a nutshell, videos are a powerful tool that allows you to tell your story in a captivating way. They're not just a medium; they're a dynamic canvas for B2B companies to shine a spotlight on their products and services.

So, in the world of B2B, if you want to stand out, grab your audience's attention, and tell your story effectively, don't underestimate the power of video. It's your ticket to making a lasting impression and leaving a mark in the mind of your viewers.

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