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Localization Services

Localization services that boost your success

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Specific expertise

We work with professional translators who will follow your specific guidelines


We ensure your message is communicated correctly and elegantly in your target language

Cultural awareness

We respect the specificities of your project, on a local and international level

Specific expertise

Translating consists of transposing a text from one language to another. Localizing is slightly different because it involves adapting content, a product, or services to the specific characteristics of another country and not just changing the text into another language. Our network of professional translators will follow your requirements to the letter to deliver expertly localized translations. Who better than a translator with recognized expertise in their native language and experience in the culture of their home country to communicate your message?

Specific expertise

Multilingual localization

Localization, commonly abbreviated to l10n*, consists of adapting an app, software, website, video game, or e-learning platform to suit a particular language or region.  For example, when a website is localized into several languages, the translator-localizer must be very careful when choosing which terms to use, since these decisions influence the website's search engine optimization.  

Did you know? The abbreviationl10n refers to the number of letters between the first "L" and the final "N".

Cultural awareness

Unlike the academic rendering of a text written in its source language, localization takes things a step further by taking into account the culture of the target country. It consists of an adaptation to the country's traditions, customs, and culture, as well as to local sensitivities.  The localization process also takes into account the non-textual aspects of a project, product, or service by adapting the same colors, formats (date, address, telephone number, etc.), and the direction of the text (Arabic, Hebrew, etc.) used in the target country.

Cultural sensitivity localization services

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