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English Translation Services: Professional English Translator

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Quality guaranteed

We work exclusively with expert translators who specialize in your industry, so you’ll receive high-quality, precise translations every time.

Responsive service

We respond quickly to your requests, and your dedicated project manager is ready to help you with any questions that might arise.  

All file formats

We can handle all file formats, and also offer DTP and multimedia services. 

Translators & translation services

Acolad is the industry-renown, go-to specialist with more than twenty years’ experience, offering translations of the highest quality.


Our certified linguists are native speakers with a wide range of expertise. Whatever your business’s transcription needs, we transform your documents into natural, flowing and accurate English.


With two decades’ experience in the translation field, our English translators bring authority to a diverse range of business language needs. This could be for a website, a marketing campaign, a presentation or indeed anywhere you need English to improve or grow your company.

Industry translation experts

Acolad’s wide network of specialists means you are guaranteed to work with someone with previous experience in your business area.   We cover almost every type of English translation need, from life sciences to IT, technical to legal, and environmental issues to financial ones.   There will be nothing lost in translation.


Detailed and complex technical documents are translated with pinpoint accuracy, so your customers know exactly what is being explained in English.


Legal English translation services

Our professional standards are never more necessary than for important legal documents. Precision is the watchword and you can be sure that our certified English translations carry the authority you require. We ensure these high-quality levels run through every bit or work that we do for your venture, which is why we lead the way on financial translations and work in the medical/pharmaceutical industries.


Ahead of the curve? Same here. We already have environmental specialists giving translation clarity to the growing awareness and action on global green issues, from campaigning to technical explanations. This dovetails in with our position at the front of the queue for the fast and ever-changing IT and Energy sectors, both of which have massive English-based internet content.

E-commerce & English translation

In an increasingly globalized world, your commercial reach to new and existing customers has never been more important. English is by far the most commonly used language of the internet.


Your website needs to be multilingual and have excellent grammatical structure in order to have any chance of success with search engines. We translate your English needs into success, engaging readers with easy-to-read copy that is also SEO-friendly. This boosts your chances of first page rankings and increasing business.


Perhaps your company needs its marketing campaign brought to life in English? Get snappy, attention-grabbing copy tailored to your target audience.


Does accent matter?

English is a versatile idiom. Our translators are native speakers and they can make sure you are using the most appropriate language for your target audience. People in Scotland, Wales and Ireland use some words and contexts differently to those in England. Further afield, changes are more pronounced with speakers from the United States or Australia.


We make sure you avoid those embarrassing situations where a literal translation means something else to the locals - what may be a punchy slogan in Canada could be misinterpreted in South Africa. Translations include use of local customs for units, currencies and spellings, so your target reader knows you are speaking their language.


More English translation services

Acolad can offer project management services, proofreading, copywriting and transcriptions of your meetings and conferences and more.


Whatever your business’s deadline – long term or last-minute – we can give you an outline proposal and timeframe for your translation project.


Get in touch and let’s talk about your English translation service needs.

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