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German Translation Services

German Translation Services: Professional German Translator

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We work exclusively with expert translators who specialize in your industry, so you’ll receive high-quality, precise translations every time.

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We respond quickly to your requests, and your dedicated project manager is ready to help you with any questions that might arise.  

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We can handle all file formats, and also offer DTP and multimedia services. 

German Interpretation Services

Acolad leads the industry in German translations. We have more than twenty years’ experience in German translation services, placing us at the very top of the industry. Our translations are of the highest possible quality, fastidiously worked on by certified linguists, all of whom are native speakers.


We bring authority and clarity to your business documents. From vital certificates up to globally important business or academic work, your message will be properly conveyed. You have a final product in natural, flowing and accurate German from our professional German translators.

Varieties of German

German is spoken by almost 100 million people worldwide and in several countries – there are more German speakers in Europe than any other language. It is an official language in five other countries: Austria (8 million speaker), Switzerland (5 million speakers), Belgium, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. And there are subtle differences between speakers from different areas.


Vocabulary, pronunciation and dialect vary by region, as does grammar. Some German speakers adopt English terms, some stick to German. The German that Austrians use is different to German-speaking areas of Belgium.


With Acolad, nothing is lost in translation. Professional German translators know what works in Switzerland and how to explicitly express the same in Bavaria. You can rest assured that pinpoint accuracy shines through every word of you detailed and complex technical documents. Your German-speaking customers will know exactly what they are reading.

Legal, medical and financial

These professional standards are never more important when it comes to legal documents, with no room for error. You can be confident that our German translation services stand up to scrutiny to standards of the most demanding of courts and legal systems- no last-minute hitches to clear up misunderstandings within the translations.


Getting it right matters, and no more so in the work we do in the medical and medical/pharmaceutical industries. Financial translations receive the same vigilance. This top-level accuracy applies to all the German translation services we offer.

Environmental, IT and Energy

Many German-speaking countries are leading the way in environmental issues, one of the world’s fastest growing markets. Acolad is already ahead of the game with a bank of environmental specialists already working on translations in this area.


This dovetails in with our position at the forefront of the fast-moving Energy sector. This is an important field in terms of technical documents, selling innovative new products or maintaining current market position.


Websites are becoming more and more complex and customers trust sites that are well written and presented. We make sure your website breeds confidence, and sales, with engaging, SEO-optimized and accurate copy. This can really boost your chances of first page rankings and increasing business.


Getting it right in German

Local sensitivities in German translation services are extremely important, especially for businesses thinking about marketing. Get that attention-grabbing slogan, tailored to your target audience, and without causing offense.


German shares about half its vocabulary with English but its grammatical rules are far stricter. There are long compound words and longer sentences, all of which has a bearing on how documents are translated and presented. Our translators are very aware of these structural differences and incorporate these subtleties.


Translations include use of local customs for units, currencies and spellings, so your target reader knows you are speaking their language.

More German translation services

Proofreading, copywriting and transcriptions of your meetings and conferences are some more of Acolad’s services, as well as project management services.


Long term or last-minute, get in touch and we can talk about your German translation service needs. We’ll be delighted to give you an outline proposal and timeframe for your translation project.


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