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Proofreading consists of comparing a translation to the original text and editing for any errors. This is a critical step that guarantees the quality of the translation and formatting. Proofreaders carefully check for the following in each translation: precision, appropriate terminology, spelling errors, typos, conjugation errors, and more. If needed, the proofreader also revises the writing style to ensure the final document is clear. Just like the translator, the proofreader has access to your instructions, glossaries, and your own translation memory. This exercise requires strict attention to detail, in-depth knowledge of the topic, and excellent linguistic and editorial skills. High-quality written content will help you sell your services and boost your brand’s image. 

Proofreading and writing

Perfecting your documents

Editing is recommended in a number of cases. Was your document written by a non-native speaker? Our experienced proofreaders can read through your text and catch any language and grammar errors or unnatural phrasing. This method is especially useful when you want to have the text translated into several other languages later on. The better the original text, the better the translations will be!  Revision takes it a step farther by significantly improving the impact of your content on your business. After removing any errors, our revisers use their editorial skills to reformulate, restructure, clarify, and polish the writing as needed. We can adjust the style to make the document more catchy, elegant, or inspiring depending on whether you're trying to sell products, capture your customers' attention, or communicate with your employees.

Writing proofreading services

Texts that will promote your image

What's more cringe-worthy than a slogan with a spelling error? Make sure your press releases, reports and websites are correct and error-free. Spelling, grammar, syntax and punctuation—proofreaders look at everything. As experts in their native languages, they go over your text with a fine-toothed comb before using cutting-edge tools to complete a final verification. We will also make sure your document is tailored to suit your target audience and sociocultural environment so your message is expressed idiomatically and appropriately. 

Writing proofreading services

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