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Perfect your content

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Our proofreaders and revisers are experts and work exclusively in their native language


Flexible services that are adapted to suit your deadlines and budget


Quality documentation to showcase your products and services

Proofreading for guaranteed quality

The proofread consists in comparing a translated text with the corresponding original text. It is essential for guaranteeing the quality of the translation and the consistency of the layout. When working on a translation, the proofreader checks all the following points carefully: the accuracy, use of requested terminology, potential spelling mistakes, typos, conjugation, etc. If necessary they might also improve the style to ensure that the final document is clear. Like the translator, the proofreader has access to your instructions, glossary and translation memory. This exercise requires rigour, excellent knowledge of the field, as well as advanced language and writing skills. 

Proofreading translations to guarantee quality

Revision to perfect your documents

It is often a good idea to get documents revised. Do you have a text that was not written by a native speaker? Our experienced revisers will work on it to pick up on any language mistakes or awkwardly-formulated sentences. This step is particularly useful if you want the text to be translated into other languages. The better the source text, the better the translations will be!  Revision can also significantly improve the impact of your content on your business. Once they have removed any potential errors, our revisers draw on their writing skills to reformulate, restructure, clarify and polish up the text if necessary. They change the style to make it more catchy, elegant or inspiring, whether it is for selling products, or communicating with clients or employees. They always take the target audience and the socio-cultural environment into account to make the texts as idiomatic and well-suited as possible. 

Revision to perfect your documents

Correcting texts to promote your image

What could be worse than a typo in a slogan? Make sure that your press releases, reports and websites are accurate and contain no mistakes. Nothing is left unchecked by proofreaders: spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, etc. Experts in their mother tongue, they examine every detail of the text and end with a final check using tools which incorporate cutting-edge technology. 

Correcting texts to promote your image

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