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Localisation Services

Localisation services that boost your success

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Specific expertise

Professional translators that adapt to your requirements


We ensure your message is communicated correctly and elegantly in your target language

Cultural awareness

We respect the specificities of your project, on a local or international level

Specific expertise

Translation means transposing a text from one language into another.   Localisation is a little different, as it involves adapting content, a product or services to the specificities of another country, and not just into another language. Our professional translators take all your requirements into account to deliver translations that are perfectly localised. After all, no one has greater expertise in their mother tongue or understanding of their home country than a translator.

Specific expertise localisation services

Multilingual localisation

Localisation, which is traditionally shortened to l10n*, consists in adapting a software application, a website, a video game or an e-learning platform, for example, for a specific language or region.  When localising a website into several languages for instance, the localising translator must choose the terms very carefully as they play a very important role in referencing your multilingual website.   Did you know? The abbreviationl10n comes from the number of letters included between the initial “l” and the closing “n”.

Cultural awareness

Localisation goes further than simply producing a text of “academic” standard in the target language: it also includes a cultural dimension. It adapts the text to the traditions, customs and culture of the country, as well as local sensitivities.  Localisation might also take the non-textual elements of content, a product or service into account by adapting colours, the formats used in the target country (date, address, telephone number, etc.), or the reading direction (Arabic, Hebrew, etc.), for example.

Cultural sensitivity

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