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Desktop Publishing Translation

The solution for multilingual and multimedia translation projects with complex formatting

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Impeccable quality

Work carried out with care by professionals: translators, proofreaders and computer graphic designers

A turnkey service

Centralised management of your documents - from translation to formatting

Multimedia content

Our graphic design specialists can offer added value to your business, regardless of the type of file format you prefer to use

A focus on formatting

Your texts, images or other elements to be published require a faultless DTP service conducted by professionals (either translators, proofreaders or computer graphic designers).  Our mission does not simply consist in transcribing content from one language into another: our aim is also to reproduce the presentation of the original file to ensure that the translation fits perfectly into the environment where it will need to appear. This requires a conscientious check by our proofreaders to ensure that the table of contents, hyperlinks, images, fonts and text integrated in tables are legible and displayed correctly.

DTP formatting services

A turnkey service for your multilingual publications

A dedicated project manager is not only in charge of coordinating the delivery of your translations once our linguists have completed them, but also of planning the proofreads, layout and any potential corrections before the final stage. This is the press proof stage, which is essential for any document that is going to be published. Our teams work together quickly and efficiently, even in languages that do not use the Latin alphabet, such as Japanese, Chinese or Russian for example, to make sure they deliver translations that are true to the original texts, both in terms of content and form, whether they are intended for printing or high resolution publishing, respecting the original fonts and graphics.

Multimedia content

If your translations include visual elements such as images, illustrations, tables or graphs, precision and rigour are essential to guarantee the success of your publications.  Moreover, for publishing projects that require the translation of PDFs, brochures, leaflets, online publications, magazines or newsletters, Acolad works with graphic designers who are highly experienced in Adobe software, such as InDesign® (.indd files) or FrameMaker (for technical documents), to respect the specific features of your “native” file when integrating our translations.

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