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The complexity of your professional documents

Technical texts such as instructions for medical devices, legal documents or IT user guides are complex and difficult to translate. It is therefore essential that your translator has a good understanding of the terminology used in your sector. The more specific the content, the more difficult it is to find translators with the necessary expertise. In order to provide the expected quality and result, we select expert translators that meet your requirements. This is why technical translations are more expensive than general translations with simple content.

Käännöspalveluiden hinnat

The volume of texts and delivery deadlines

The price of a translation varies depending on the size of the project and the number of words to translate. If the request is urgent, several translators will need to be available at the right time. We make sure that all translations are of great quality, regardless of the deadline. It is therefore essential that the translator be able to concentrate fully on your project. The volume and deadline will have an impact on the final price of the service. The price may vary and be reduced in the case of recurrent requests.

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Using technology to optimise your needs

Technology can help you translate your professional documents and shorten the delivery deadline. Depending on the project, the Acolad team can offer you technology such as a translation memory to identify word or sentence repetitions in order to optimise your translations and limit the cost of your projects in the long term.

Kääntämisen optimointi ja post-editointi

The language combination of your choice

With 300 language combinations available, the Acolad team meets each of your language needs. Some languages such as English, Chinese, Spanish and German are requested on a regular basis, but we can also translate into rarer languages such as Slovenian or Thai. The price may vary depending on the language combination. Common languages will cost less than rarer language combinations, for which fewer translators are available.

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