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Translation Services in Amsterdam

Amsterdam: a global attraction

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Our translators include experts in all fields of translation.


All of our translators focus on quality in processing your documents. 


Privacy is a key principle for our Dutch translation agency. You can rely on us to deal with all your requests confidentially. 

Amsterdam: home to many cultures

With its rich cultural heritage, charming canal system and legendary architecture, Amsterdam attracts people from all corners of the world. It is not only tourists who are flocking to the capital of the Netherlands, but also businessesas Amsterdam is one of the top financial centres in Europe. In total, it is estimated that the business capital of the Netherlands is home to at least 177 nationalities. There is therefore a huge need for translation services in Amsterdam, both for Dutch speakers seeking to interact with foreigners and of course for those who do not speak the city’s native language. 

An international presence

Acolad has offices all over the world to meet each of your language needs. In addition to translation, the services we offer include interpreting, post-editing, SEO, proofreading, transcription and localisation. Our experts only translate into their mother tongue but are perfectly fluent in all the languages they work with. Our pool of professional linguists also includes certified translators and interpreters, who can add a stamp to your documents to certify that they are a true copy of the original. This will ensure that they will be accepted by all the relevant authorities. They can also assist you in official meetings. We guarantee privacy in all our services.   

A key to growing your business

Get in touch with our Dutch translation agency to find out how our services can help your company expand its business to new countries. This may involve revamping your website to make it available in several languages. Or adapting your content to make sure that it attracts an international readership. Our interpreters can be by your side to support you during meetings with prospective clients or business partners who do not speak your language. Our translators cover a broad range of business lines, with expertise in the legal, medical, financial, scientific, technical and marketing domains.

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