ABB: Promoting safety at work through video content

Find out how we helped ABB promote safety at work and at the same time market their own safety switch products with a video

ABB is a world leader in power engineering and automation technology. The company attracts and hires highly qualified specialists from all over the world to ensure it has the best experts possible.

The Challenge

ABB wanted to promote safety at work and at the same time market their own safety switch products with a video containing a short but memorable story.

They wanted the video's message about the importance and significance of work safety to be targeted at people making decisions on safety-related matters and end users of safety switches globally, both inside and outside ABB.

The Solution

The concrete benefits for ABB are:

  • Emphasizing safety matters and taking responsibility for them within ABB
  • Creating an image of ABB as a company that highlights safety and responsibility
  • Marketing safety switches outside ABB

In addition to the English-language version meant for global use, we made several other language versions on a tight schedule to meet the needs of ABB's subsidiary organizations.

Video production

The majority of the scenes were filmed at ABB's factory in Vaasa, and the actors were ABB's own employees and their family members. The idea of the story was to appeal to viewers’ emotions by highlighting the feeling of danger and the things that are important in terms of safety. This impression was augmented with appropriate editing, as well as the choice of music and shooting angles.

On the basis of the brief from ABB, we made a script for the video, filmed the scenes, edited it and did the post-production, as well as adding the music and sound effects.

The Result

The video was published in ABB's system at a premiere held on Friday, February 13, 2015. Even the date of the release was meant to highlight ABB's safety slogan: “Safety doesn’t happen by accident”.

“The video had a very positive reception on its first night, and it has received nothing but praise. Thank you for this!”

Maria Haavisto
Marketing Manager, ABB Breakers and Switches unit

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