Professional Translation Services

9 out of 10 buyers choose content in their native language when available. With us, you deliver your message to their respective markets like a local.  

With us, your content goes international – hassle-free

Are you rushing here, there and everywhere to gather all pieces of your global content? Getting internal and external communications localized and launch-ready can make you feel like running on a merry-go-round … But we’re here to help you create meaningful connections: by speaking your targets' languages and delivering the intended message to their local markets. 

Translation Services

Proofreading Services

With in-depth industry knowledge and excellent editorial skills, our linguists set highest standards for proofreading and even stylistic revision. 

Technical Translations

Our linguists, specialists in their respective technology fields, carry out necessary research and always tailor each document to the target audience. 

Certified Translations

Acolad's certified translations build trust – and our sworn interpreters guarantee professionalism in all situations, at court and in any context. 

Transcription Services

Our transcriptionists work with meeting files, speeches, audio files, internal memos, audio notes, videos etc. – and include time codes if needed for further processing.

Post-Editing Services

While Machine Translation has become more reliable over the years, a human proofreader's revision is essential to ensure quality. This step is called post-editing.  

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Desktop Publishing Translation

We reproduce the document's layout with the translation and thus ensure the localized version to be seamlessly incorporated into the established environment. 

Translation Project Management

Our project management guarantees a smooth process at all times, drawing up quotes and acting as single point of contact for translators and clients.  

Customized Industry Services

Manufacturing & Technical Content Translations

Artificial intelligence and robotics are changing how the manufacturing industry collaborates with partners and customers. We have the right solutions. 

Translations for the Life Sciences Industry

The sector needs to adapt to ever-changing markets and compliance requirements. We turn compliance into a competitive advantage for you. 

Legal Translation Services

We work exclusively with expert legal translators, ensuring accurate translations for notarization, apostils, intellectual property and international patent filing projects. 

Financial Translations

We're successfully driving digital transformation across the broader banking and insurance sector, helping to overcome any outdated processes and legacy technology. 

Ecommerce Translations

Neural machine translation technology plus translation memories, terminology management and post-editing expertise are crucial for ecommerce success. 

IT Translations & Software Localization

Our solutions are customized, whether for a SaaS (software as a service) enterprise, API or CRM development, marketing automation, software engineering or the gaming sector. 

Quality guaranteed

We work exclusively with expert translators, specialized in your industry, so you’ll receive high-quality, precise translations every time. 

Responsive service

For urgent translation requests, just contact your dedicated project manager for a quick turnaround.  

All file formats welcome

We can handle all file formats you may work with, and also offer DTP and multimedia services. 

Expert translators at your service

All our translations are done by linguistic experts who only localize into their native language. Thanks to our network of expert translators, Acolad can cover all your translation and localization needs for over 300 language pairs. Each of our linguists specializes in an industry or sector, ensuring that they’re familiar with the specific terminology you're using. 

Communicating with European citizens and protecting Europe's linguistic diversity

Learn how Acolad provides extensive, multilingual translation projects for the European Union.

Our project management – adapted to your needs

Our project managers are the expert link between your and our teams. They create a detailed plan for your translation project with you, coordinate the translators and share all relevant information. Maintaining a bird’s eye view of your projects, they optimize efficiency and ensure excellent service from start to finish, with the agreed timeline and budget met. 

Acolad acts with speed, they have the quality sense and they are competitive with price - those are the three aspects that I am looking for in a partner.

Magnus Roth
Group Category Manager, Alfa Laval 

Pairing technology with human expertise

Large projects often involve some repetition; our translation memory (TM) analyzes any content to find previously translated terms, or even whole segments, for possible reuse. This optimizes costs, produces consistent content and saves time. Paired with our team of expert translators, our use of this technology guarantees coherent, accurate translations – always. 

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