Localization Services

By localizing and adapting your content to new markets, we help you gain the necessary trust to establish your brand successfully. 

Multilingual localization and adaptation

Localization adapts content not only linguistically, but to the overall characteristics of another country: culturally, socially and technically. Even apps, software, and websites should be localized – it's the ideal solution when your businesses enter new markets and need to adapt the content, as most consumers prefer to read product information in their native language. 

Localization Services

Website Localization

Most consumers buy from websites that offer content in their native language! We have your solution – be it manual translation, connector or proxy. 

Software Globalization

How does your software interact with different characters, currencies, symbols, right-to-left reading etc.? We take care of all globalization aspects!

Elearning Localization

Whatever technology, whatever format you choose: we get your training up and running – for any learning management system (LMS) or custom solution. 

Multimedia Localization

From subtitling and captioning services to multichannel delivery and content automation – we skillfully cover all aspects of multimedia localization!

Professional expertise

Our translators are specialized in content from your industry and follow your guidelines reliably. 

Hassle-free effectivity

We always communicate your message correctly and elegantly in all your target languages! 

Cultural awareness

We can localize your content perfectly, smoothly adapting it to your target market’s preferences. 

Enter new markets

Our translators are always native to your target market's  languages and have significant industry expertise, knowing your specific terms and your company’s needs. They open new markets for your products – by adapting your content to the right tone and style. High-quality, localized content builds the perfect foundation for the success of your regional marketing strategy! 

Aligning Localization with your Corporate Strategy: Driving Maximum Program Results

In today’s complex landscape with multiple markets, advanced technology and limited budgets: How can localization support your corporate strategy best? 

More than a translation

The importance of localization is most obvious for texts with cultural references, jokes or proverbs that don’t translate well to other languages – including visual elements and aspects such as units of measure or currencies. We also offer Desktop Publishing services to ensure that every detail of your content is perfectly localized, received in a polished final product. 

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