Language Services

Find the best solution for your needs – be it translation, localization, interpreting, post-editing, DTP… always perfectly customized to your business. 

Traditional Language Services

Professional Translation Services

Our linguists translate only into their native languages, provide expertise in your sector and use cutting-edge technology – including your individual translation memory. 

Translation Project Management

Your complex projects deserve professional support. Our project managers will assure a seamless experience, combining expertise and top technologies. 

Proofreading & Revision

Our proofreaders check spelling and grammar to ensure accurate and flawless results. They can also improve the style and localize your documents.


We transcribe your content or provide a summary, transliterate conversations, conferences, meetings, seminars, speeches and more – off or on-site.  

Specialized Translation Services

Technical Translation

Our linguists provide the expertise to accurately translate complex technical documents, for areas such as computer science, energy, medicine and more.  

Certified Translation

Our translators can deliver on any certified translation request you might have, such as civil status record, legal deeds, notarized or administrative documents. 

Desktop Publishing Translation Services

We can format all your multilingual documents and turn even complex content formats into flawless layouts – always adhering to your graphic charter. 

Customized Services

On-Site & Remote Interpreting Services

Be it a training session, a conference, a meeting or a negotiation: we always offer the interpreting service that suits you best, on-site or remotely.  

Localization Services

From website, software and app localization to multimedia and elearning: We’re here for you − to get your digital products ready for the world stage. 

Outsourcing & Localization Consulting

Our service creates the best customized project solution for your business: boosting efficiency, reducing costs, and giving you the competitive edge. 

Global Marketing Services

Content Creation & Copywriting

We can create your multilingual content – be it a blog post, a product description or a press release – always adhering to your guidelines and timetable.  


With transcreation, our linguists adapt your message to your target audiences, ensuring your content won't lose the emotional impact of the original.  

SEO Translation

We combine human expertise with technology, to offer the most effective SEO translation services – and increase the visibility in your target countries. 

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