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Life sciences: Medical, scientific, and pharmaceutical translation

Specialized subjects translated accurately by our experts

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A leader in many fields

Twenty-five years of experience, including the management of two top CROs and the world's five largest pharmaceutical groups

Trusted experts

Our linguists and project managers are trained in medical translation and are fully equipped to accurately translate your documents

Certified quality

We adhere to the standards of the EMA, FDA, and more and are ISO 9001: 2015, 
ISO 17100, and ISO 13485 certified

Guaranteeing the quality of
your scientific content

Developing scientific solutions on a global stage is an excellent opportunity for growth.Contract research organizations (CRO) accelerate the research and clinical trials of their sponsors (pharmaceutical laboratories, specialized companies, etc. by conducting studies in targeted markets throughout the world. All medicines for human or veterinary use must be controlled by local authorities such as the European Medicines Agency (EMA) or the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The control and surveillance of medicine safety requires multiple documents that are specific to each country and continent. In today's day and age, it's imperative to get help from experts in the scientific sector due to the highly specialized terminology and many regulations that must be followed.

traductions scientifiques Acolad

Linguists with a dual skill set

Because a translation must capture the full scientific meaning of the original, our translators are skilled in both medicine and languages. Each translator translates into their native language within a field they specialize in. They might also be doctors, researchers, or come from a similar specialty and are all selected through a series of detailed tests. To ensure the accuracy of their translations, the documents are proofread by another linguist, thereby ensuring an impeccable level of quality. 

Medical and surgical device manufacturers

Whether they are designed for patients or professionals, medical devices always come with instruction leaflets, labels, packaging materials, and other crucial documents. When properly translated, these documents help ensure the devices are used safely. Localizing your documentation to suit your target audience shows your commitment to the local market. At Acolad, we factor in the norms and regulatory requirements of the country where your products will be sold. 

fabricants médicaux Acolad

Pharmaceutical groups and laboratories

In this environment, regulatory compliance and requirements regarding quality, integrity, traceability, and patient safety are key components of your growth on the international market. In today's global environment, bringing new medicines or improved formulas to market means following every step and producing all the necessary documents associated with clinical studiesWe can meet all your language needs, from research and clinical studies to marketing. 

conformité réglementaire Acolad

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Technical and medical assessment translation

  • MA applications  
  • Clinical studies  
  • SPCs   
  • Patent filings  
  • Medical conference interpreting  
  • Institutional videos
  • Regulatory texts 

  • Protocol, IB, ICF, summaries  
  • Press releases and dossiers  
  • Websites, e-commerce, intranets, extranets, mobile applications  
  • Medical device leaflets and manuals  
  • And much more…
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