The Acolad Clinical Center of Excellence

Simplify the complex world of large-scale clinical trials with the expertise of language specialists.

Managing Multilingual Clinical Trials Just Got Easier

Navigate Regulations

Guiding clinical trials through complex regimes in different markets - made simple with local experts and targeted AI solutions for compliance.

Unlock Efficiency

Meet tight deadlines by streamlining the intricate processes involved in translating clinical trial materials.

Guarantee Understanding

Communicate seamlessly with patients and families in their own language through native translators, multimedia capabilities, and interpreting specialists. 

How our Clinical Center of Excellence Makes a Difference

Expert team that knows requirements and regulations inside-out.

Specialized tools to manage and track KPIs for your clinical project.

Strategic partnerships for better linguistic validation and patient recruitment.

Client-focused team for true customer collaboration and service.

Language quality through expert translators and quality assurance processes.

Efficient process to assign document types to the most suitable translators.

Clinical Trial Translation Expertise to Unlock Global Precision

Running clinical trials is complicated enough - let alone in different countries, languages or regulatory frameworks. That’s why we created the Acolad Clinical Center of Excellence to specialize in accurate, culturally relevant translations for patient and clinical trials. Our expert team knows exactly how to address the complexities of large-scale clinical trials - meeting regulatory challenges while keeping your projects secure and on time.

Putting Patients First with End-to-end Clinical Trial Translation services

Our specialist teams leverage the latest technology to simplify the management of multilingual clinical trials. We combine the services you need to help trials run smoothly and efficiently from start to finish.

Patient Recruitment and Retention

We create, translate, and localize effective multilingual content to engage and retain diverse patient groups by combining our cultural expertise with AI-powered tools.

Study Start-Up

Keep study budgets and timelines on track when translating your protocols, eConsent, informed consent forms, and investigator brochures. Seamlessly manage the master, country, and site-specific document versions and create electronic versions for improved patient engagement.

Clinical Labeling

Our specialists ensure accurate translations of your clinical labels, ensuring they comply with regulations in both the Master English Label Text (MELT) and translated language versions.

Software Localization

Guarantee digital health technologies - software, websites, mobile apps, and patient portals - function in any language and are compliant for regulatory review through FIT testing and comprehensive software localization.

Linguistic Validation

Make sure all patients understand questionnaires and guarantee the validity of data. Includes COA and eCOA, PRO, cognitive debriefing, and clinician reviews.


Easily book specialized life sciences interpreters in advance or on-demand through our simple platform. Available in-person or remotely for all scenarios, including audits, inspections, and patient visits.

Machine Translation and GenAI

Our fast, secure, cutting-edge translation technologies efficiently process large volumes of content while enhancing quality and impact.


Track and manage all your projects through one central and secure interface.  Easily scale up and handle large content volumes with our connectors and integrations, including Veeva Vault.

Streamline your clinical trials with our Clinical Center of Excellence experts

Frequently asked questions

Want to know more about the Clinical Center of Excellence? We have answers

A dedicated hub providing comprehensive localization services for clinical trials, ensuring materials are culturally and linguistically adapted for target populations worldwide.

As specialists in Life Sciences translation, we have extensive experience in managing the complexities of multilingual or international clinical trials. We decided to concentrate this expertise to create a one-stop shop to help enable streamlined clinical trial translation.

By localizing content to meet the linguistic and cultural expectations of diverse patient groups, we enhance understanding and engagement, improving recruitment outcomes.

Our language experts have experience in working between hundreds of language pairs, with specialist translators used to working exclusively with life sciences and clinical content. Our team can help provide more information on exact language pairs.

Our process involves certified medical translators, rigorous quality checks, and adherence to regulatory standards, including ISO certificates, ensuring each document is accurately localized and compliant.  But we go beyond these standards to create a true partnership with clients for continuous improvement, fostering a climate of effectiveness, innovation, and high quality.

Our translation portal boasts full data encryption, with data hosted in either Europe or the USA to comply with the relevant regulatory requirements. We also follow the strictest data security and confidentiality protocols, especially when handling sensitive patient information.

We localize all clinical trial materials, including informed consent forms, patient information leaflets, study protocols, investigator brochures and recruitment materials, ensuring compliance and readability across languages.

Yes, our extensive network of professional translators covers a wide range of languages and dialects, including rare and less commonly spoken ones, ensuring no patient group is left behind.

Beyond translation, we adapt content to reflect cultural nuances, practices, and norms of the target patient population, enhancing relevance and understanding.

Delivery times vary based on project complexity and language. However, we prioritize efficient processes to meet your timelines without compromising quality.

We provide continuous localization support for updates, amendments, and additional materials throughout the trial lifecycle.

Contact us with your project details, and our team will guide you through our tailored solutions to meet your clinical trial localization needs.