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Scientific Translation Services

Linguistic services to meet all your scientific translation needs

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Scientific translation: a specific translation service

Millions of documents are translated each year, all contributing to progress in international scientific research. These documents must meet major regulatory compliance demands and require particular consideration. Assessment, rigour and accuracy are the operative words of a fine scientific translation. Choosing Acolad means enjoying its advanced life sciences expertise and having access to top-quality translators working in over 300 language pairs.

Our ISO certifications: a guarantee of quality for our translations

In order to provide you with services of the utmost quality, we carry out stringent quality controls. Besides, we are ISO 9001, ISO 17100, ISO 13485 and SAP certified. This is why many clients entrust us with the translation of their documents: clinical studies, protocols, letters from the Health ministry, scientific articles, research work, etc.

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Translators, who are experts in their field

Translating scientific documents requires dual skills: sound scientific knowledge and proficiency in several languages. But this is not enough. Translators must also be conversant with current regulations or have a complementary qualification pertaining to the recording of deeds that need to be validated by official bodies. Selecting the right terms in a scientific context is another challenge.  Translating acronyms, Latin or new expressions, already widely used in the scientific sphere, calls for great accuracy. That is why, at Acolad, we carefully recruit our scientific translators.

Quality is the operative word in our translations

At Acolad, we strive to provide top quality scientific translations; this is why we use various benchmark technologies, such as terminological databases, translation memories and quality control tools. Our in-house engineers also develop proprietary software programs allowing us to guarantee translations that conform to the client's glossaries and style guide. We can also help ensure the highest possible quality by working hand in hand with your local approvers (subsidiaries abroad, partners, distributors, etc.). That way, any changes are approved before final delivery.

Your project is carefully monitored

Acolad teams are fully aware that time is speeding up in the scientific world, and more particularly in the field of clinical studies. A single day's delay may have disastrous consequences. That is why we have created an online portal for managing your projects, which allows our clients to follow the progress and see the status of their order (completed, in progress and upcoming) 24/7.

Examples of translated scientific documents 

Our translation firm is able to handle any type of scientific translations. Those include: 

  • Informed consent forms, information sheets, preoperative evaluations, evaluation questionnaires on patient self-reported outcomes (whether in electronic form for not), patient information brochures, questionnaires and diaries 
  • Serious adverse reaction reports, updated periodic pharmacovigilance and safety reports, CIOMS forms, case report forms (whether in electronic form for not) 
  • Protocols, synopses and investigator's brochures 
  • Letters from the ministry of health and approval letters from ethics or monitoring committees 
  • Contracts between investigators and establishments, budgets, patent applications 

  • Instructions for use, instruction books, use and maintenance guides 
  • Quality policies and manuals, Site Master Files, validation master plans and standard operating procedures 
  • Labels, leaflets, instructions 
  • User interfaces, test procedures and online help 
  • Web content, advertisements, posters, newsletters, brochures and customer emails 
  • Training manuals, lessons and presentations, scientific articles, research work, minutes 

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