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Pharmaceutical Translation Services

Linguistic services that meet the pharmaceutical industry's requirements

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Pharmaceutical translation: a considerable challenge

Pharmaceutical groups have to take on major challenges in terms of regulatory compliance, quality, traceability, and drug safety. Drugs are used to treat patients around the world. It is therefore necessary to translate all these documents while rising to these challenges. Acolad has great pharmaceutical expertise and provides quality medical translations which comply with all of the applicable requirements, in over a hundred languages. 

Translations in compliance with ISO standards

In order to provide you with the highest quality services, we carry out stringent quality controls. In addition, we are ISO 9001, ISO 17100, ISO 13485, and SAP certified. This is why leading world-renowned groups and laboratories entrust us with the translation of their clinical studies, informed consent forms, leaflets, scientific articles, and other sensitive documents.

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Opt for expert translators

At Acolad, we have an extensive network of professional translators who specialise in the medical field and are chosen according to strict criteria. Each translator exclusively translates into their mother tongue and in a field they possess significant expertise in, either because they studied medicine or have proven experience in translating medical, pharmaceutical texts, or documents pertaining to medical trials. In order to ensure the accuracy of your translations, we regularly assess our linguists and make sure they have all the technical resources they need to provide a secure and confidential translation of documents and data.


Translation of pharmaceutical documents: blend expertise with accuracy

Our translators often need to carry out two types of translations: one using scientific language and the other using language for the "general public". They know how to perfectly address the target public and are very careful when selecting the right words to put a text into lay terms while complying with regulations. They have in-depth knowledge of all the technical terminology to speak to professionals on their level.

Combine responsiveness and quality

We understand that sometimes you need your documents to be translated very quickly. This is why we provide you with a quote within an hour of receiving your request. Thanks to our large network of professional pharmaceutical translators, we can manage your requests quickly and translate your documents in record time. Our project managers are at your side to understand exactly what you need, liaise with translators and ensure your deadlines are met. Whatever your request, we ensure you get a high quality translation when you need it.

Examples of documents we translate for the pharmaceutical field

  • Informed consent forms, information sheets, preoperative evaluations, evaluation questionnaires, information brochures, diaries, etc.
  • Reports of serious adverse events, safety and pharmacovigilance reports, CIOMS forms and case report forms
  • Protocols, synopses and investigator's brochures
  • Letters from the ministry of health and approval letters from ethics or monitoring committees
  • Contracts between investigators and establishments, budgets, patent applications, etc.

  • Instructions for use, use and maintenance guides, etc.
  • Quality policies and manuals, Site Master Files, validation master plans, standard operating procedures, etc.
  • Labels, leaflets, instructions, etc.
  • User interfaces, test procedures, online help, etc.
  • Web content, advertisements, posters, newsletters, brochures, etc.
  • Training manuals, lessons and presentations, scientific articles, research work, minutes

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