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Life Sciences: Medical, Scientific and Pharmaceutical translation

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Business line references

25 years of experience in managing two CRO leaders and five leading global pharmaceutical groups

Experts you can trust

Our project managers and linguists have degrees in medical translation, which guarantees the accuracy of your documents

Certified quality

We comply with EMA, FDA and other standards, and we are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17100 and ISO 13485-certified. 

Guaranteeing the quality of your scientific content

Developing scientific solutions abroad is a great opportunity for business expansion. Contract Research Organisations (CROs) accelerate research and clinical trials for sponsors (pharmaceutical laboratories, specialised companies) by conducting studies on the target markets all over the world. Each medicine for human or animal use must be controlled by local bodies, such as the European Medicines Agency (EMA) or the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Many documents that are specific to each country and continent are required to control and monitor these medicines. It seems essential to call on experts from the science market for such translations given the very specific terminology and large number of regulations that need to be respected.

Guaranteeing the quality of your scientific content

Linguists with two skill sets

To ensure that the entire scientific importance of your project is reflected in the target text, our translators have both linguistic and medical skills. Our team of experts always translate into their mother tongue, and focus on their specific areas of expertise. They may be doctors or researchers for example, and were all selected following a series of thorough tests. To guarantee that all of our translations are accurate, they are proofread by another linguist, which guarantees flawless quality. 

Linguists with two skill sets

Manufacturers of medical and surgical devices

Whether they are intended for professionals or patients, medical devices always come with instructions, labels, packaging, and other highly important documents. High-quality translations help to ensure that these devices will be used correctly, and therefore safely. Having your documents localised for your target audience is also a sign of your commitment to the local market. At Acolad, we take account of the regulatory requirements and norms in place in the countries where your products will be sold. 

Manufacturers of medical and surgical devices

Pharmaceutical laboratories and groups

In this field, regulatory compliance and requirements in terms of quality, integrity, traceability and patient safety are key factors that must be taken into consideration for developing your business on an international market. In the era of globalisation, the marketing of new medicines or improved formulations requires that all phases be completed and that all documentation requested throughout the study be produced. We can fulfil all your language needs at every stage of the clinical study, from research to marketing. 

Pharmaceutical laboratories and groups

Technical and medical assessment translation   

  • MA applications  
  • Clinical studies  
  • SPCs   
  • Patent filings  
  • Medical conference interpreting  
  • Institutional videos
  • Regulatory texts
  • Protocol, IB, ICF, summaries
  • Press releases and dossiers
  • Websites, e-commerce, intranets, extranets, mobile applications 
  • Medical device leaflets and manuals 
  • And much more…
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