Multimedia Localization

Multilingual multimedia experiences that resonate with audiences worldwide

Audiences exposed to video content are three times more likely to engage with a brand

As modern consumers are bombarded with over 5,000 marketing messages a day, creative and culturally adapted multimedia is what puts you at an advantage to capture their attention and keep them engaged with your brand. 

The good news? We’re here to help you scale your multimedia content strategy and reach your global audiences in their native language.


of global internet traffic comes from video streaming or downloads


of customers would rather learn about a product through video 


Mobile video consumption doubles every year

Case Study

Swiss Precision Diagnostics: an end-to-end video localization strategy

Find out how the company behind the leading health brand Clearblue®, deploys product videos globally. 

Maximize your video ROI globally

True artists create compelling multimedia content, but only masters of localization can do justice to the cultural adaptation of your carefully crafted assets.

We understand the challenges of competing in today’s cluttered digital space. That's why we combine multimedia localization solutions with advanced video SEO to help you maximize your global video ROI.

Whether you want to optimize existing video content for an international audience or create videos that deliver measurable results across regions, we can help. 


Why your genius video needs audiovisual translation for global success


Multimedia localization for any context

We localize and adapt your videos to engage your global audience and achieve your business goals. 

  • Corporate Videos 
  • Promotional Videos 
  • Customer Testimonials 
  • Product Demos 
  • Webinars
  • Social Media Videos 
  • Podcasts & Vlogs
  • Virtual Conferences 
  • Presentations 
  • Elearning Courses 

AI-Powered Enterprise Subtitling

Automate video captioning, subtitling and in-context review 

Video subtitling and captioning help your audiences understand your message even if they’re multitasking, watching without sound or with a soundtrack that’s not in their native language. 

Automated video transcription: get automatic captions for your video in seconds 

Custom dictionaries: define your keywords to improve speech recognition and speed up turnaround times 

Live captions: transcribe and translate your video streams in real time 

Caption editor: collaborative environment to create and edit captions in real time 

Technology integrations: translation management systems, enterprise video platforms and more 


Subtitles or voice-overs: everything you need to localize your video

Multilingual Video SEO

Capitalize on international SEO through video 

YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world, and many videos can also rank on search engines like Google and Baidu. Most social media platforms are also video-first channels.

Our video localization specialists make sure your videos are fully optimized for search on any platform, in any language.

Caption your videos, whatever your source language 

Research keywords - direct translation doesn’t work 

Translate scripts and captions into target languages  

Optimize video SEO elements: video title, description, tags and video file name  

Submit videos into search engines by using XML video sitemaps 

Expert Elearning Localization

Online learning experiences tailored for global success 

Whether you’re developing online training material or your company specializes in elearning development, we can handle it all: from international training concept to elearning localization. 

Elearning content production: a team of scriptwriters, art directors, and localization experts at your service 

Elearning script localization: pedagogically structured and learner focused elearning scripts 

Elearning design: eye-catching elearning that captures your audience's attention 

Elearning animation: custom animation solutions grounded in pedagogical principles 

Your strategic partner for multimedia localization

Centralized content strategy 
Expert assistance on content best practices, including resource planning, process workflows, and technologies, while aligning with your budgets and objectives. 

Global partner network 
With an international network of creative specialists, we can collaborate with your team or agency to create and maintain a reputable and trustworthy brand, continent to continent. 

Workflow automation – creation to localization 
Do you require a fast, fully automated workflow? We can do it! With custom workflow automation, you can go from creative concept to global deployment quickly and efficiently. 

Multichannel delivery 
We can tailor small or large-scale multimedia projects in any language or format, always maintaining the integrity of your global brand’s messaging and style. 

Multifaceted compatibility 
A deep understanding of various authoring tools, multimedia formats and technology integration allows us to work and deliver in your preferred environment. 

Globalization consultancy

Multimedia expertise

Workflow automation

End-to-end approach

Is your multimedia content engaging users across markets?

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