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Custom service through artificial intelligence 

 Acolad combines technological advances with human expertise to offer a competitive, responsive, and high-quality solution. 


Translation memory

This language database saves all your translation projects and enables the translators to use sentences that have already been translated - either fully or partially. This technology, along with the translation assistance tools, also helps to identify sentences that are repeated in other documents to optimise the translation of your future projects.  

Translation API

Automate the management of your translations thanks to the Acolad APIs. They are easy to install and allow you to benefit from all the Acolad services from your own system. Your translation and content creation projects are therefore automated, but you still obtain quality translations produced by humans. 

Machine translation

For several years, machine translation has been evolving, and it can now produce a draft translation that can be used as a basis for certain types of professional translations. In the case of documents to be published, it is necessary to proofread the text produced and to use post-editing services to adapt the content.


The post-editing service complements machine translation. Translators, referred to as “post-editors” in this case, use their knowledge to improve the pre-translated text in order to make it easier to understand and to respect the terminology used in your sector. 

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