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Harnessing technology to fulfill your language needs 

A human-centric approach to technology as the key to translation success

At Acolad, we’re resolutely turned towards the future. We understand how language services and content solutions are evolving thanks to collaborative efforts, digitalization, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine translation (MT). With more than 200 talents involved in translation R&D topics every day, we combine the latest advances in translation technology with human expertise to offer competitive, responsive, and high-quality language and content solutions.

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We help you find the ideal technology mix for your translation strategy

Translation Management System

Our flexible translation management technologies allow you to flawlessly manage all your localization projects. Through an easy to use interface, you can order translation services, access terminology databases, manage budget and timelines or even make real-time instant translations.  

Translation Connectors, Translation APIs & CMS Integration

Automatically manage all your translation workflows thanks to our translation connectors and APIs. By integrating your different content management systems with Acolad language services, you automate your content workflows and translation requests, while also calling on high-quality human translators.  

Enterprise Machine Translation

Over the past few years, machine translation has greatly improved and can now produce a rough draft of a translation that can serve as a basis for certain kinds of professional translation projects. If the document is meant for publication, it needs to be proofread and adapted during the post-editing stage. 

Machine Translation Post-editing

Post-editing is used in conjunction with machine translation. Following the initial translation of your content, our post-editors will improve upon your pre-translated texts to add the accuracy, clarity flow and local resonance only a human can provide.  

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Translation Memory

This language database contains all of your translation projects. It lets translators re-use sentences or sentence fragments that have already been translated. This technology, when paired with other translation tools, identifies any repetitions in one or several documents in order to optimize the translation of your future projects.   

Enterprise Terminology Management

Combining expertise and know-how with leading technology, we consolidate all your organization’s specific terminology in one central database, adjusted to business, industry and brand specifications.  

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