Software Globalization

Afraid of all the software globalization complexities? We have experts for each step of the way – covering large-scale projects for you, from A to Z!

Set your product up – for success on the global stage

The internationalization of websites, apps and other software products is critical for successful global business strategies – but the intricacies involved are numerous. Added the need for large-scale content management and perpetual updates with new features or fixes, it can all get quite challenging. We help you crack the code for smooth-running software globalization! 

Software globalization consultancy

What's the difference between software internationalization – i18n – and localization? What matters when – and why? With us, you get it all covered! 

Technical project management

Files must be well structured, file formats suitable for localization – unlike excel, for instance… let our technical project management path the way! 

State-of-the-art testing facility

We don't allow any unadjustable, hard-coded strings to destroy usability in other languages, no text too long for a button or window etc.! 

End-to-end software globalization expertise

“Global first” is crucial, but intricate for software product launches – from the definition of the right teams and resource files, with style guides and glossaries, to software internationalization, thorough testing and localization, to bug-fixing, in-country language reviews and a final test of the target version: Our expertise get your software up and running globally! 


of IOS top downloads come from non-English speaking countries


of Google Play gains are from non-English speaking countries


of users choose their native language when available

Having a globalization strategy ensures your digital interfaces will function across operating systems, browsers, channels and devices, delivering an optimal user experience to each target audience.

Debora Davila
Software Globalization Expert, Acolad

Market-ready software – across purposes, systems and devices

Acolad’s holistic approach can be applied to enterprise-level, global product launches or to single language, mobile applications. Be it to enable ecommerce sites, intranet portals, global business platforms or mobile apps, our specialists are at your service and handle every single project with care, experience and expertise. For every market, on schedule and within budget. 

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