Software Globalization

From mobile apps and video games to firmware and cloud-based solutions, get your software up and running for users worldwide.

Multilingual software can drive your business into new markets

Adapting your apps, devices, video games and other software products to a global audience is critical for successful international expansion. But software localization can be extremely complex. Many variables enter the mix when making your digital products look and feel as local as if you’ve created them for that country, culture or region. 

The good news? We’ve cracked the code for smooth-running software globalization. 


IOS top downloads are from non-English speaking countries


Google Play revenues come from non-English speaking countries


users choose a native language when available

Agile localization for market-ready software, apps & devices

A globalization strategy ensures you design and develop with localization in mind, opening the way to continuous integration throughout your product development lifecycle. You’ll make your digital products more inclusive through software localization, increase their international appeal, and boost user adoption worldwide.

On time and on budget
Smooth go-to-market
Flawless user experience
LifeScan's success story

Behind the scenes of a digital health app's global launch

You found your new software localization partner

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