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Dedicated teams with the expertise required for your needs

Technology & Quality

Benefit from the latest innovations in the translation sector

Efficiency & Speed

Large volumes translated carefully in a short period of time

Technical and technological issues

Your multi-local development requires a great deal of attention. Benefit from the experience of our teams for all your language needs. Your message will be conveyed in the languages of your choice so that your brand is recognised globally. From technical documents to packaging, our translators are specialised in your field and translate your documents with care.

The automotive sector

Given the highly competitive environment, rationalising costs and optimising quality are key factors for making the group stand out. We are setting up a department exclusively dedicated to professional translation in the automotive sector, to guarantee accuracy and quality. Whether you are an automotive manufacturer or parts supplier, you need specialised, industrial and technical translations. They must guarantee the fluidity of exchanges and transmission of a message that is adapted to your subsidiaries, client segments and international markets. We will support you through every step of the project to deliver a fully customised turnkey solution.

Autoteollisuuden käännökset

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A team dedicated to your needs

The aeronautics and aerospace domain requires true technical expertise and advanced analytical skills. Acolad will put a team at your disposal that is dedicated to your sector to guarantee that your field's terminology is respected, while ensuring that your information is kept completely confidential.


Ilmailu- ja avaruusalan käännökset

Energy and the environment at the heart of companies

The challenges linked to energy and the environment are a crucial issue on the international scene. We make our expertise available to companies, public authorities, associations, NGOs, etc. by providing accurate, reliable and high-quality translations in the fields of recycling, waste processing, renewable energy, water management, electricity, gas, nuclear energy, national and international regulations, etc.

Energia- ja ympäristöalan käännökset

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