Language services for the French Presidency of the European Union

You have heard of the French Presidency of the European Union, but do you know what it consists of? Here are some explanations.

What is PFUE?

The PFUE (Presidency of France in the European Union), which began on January 1, 2022, is a period of 6 months during which France takes the head of the Council of the European Union. His mission ? Organize and chair all meetings of the Council, mainly meetings of ministers by area of ​​activity, as well as other technical meetings or conferences. The aim is to give impetus to Union policy, while ensuring the necessary compromises between the 27 Member States.

To guarantee a coherent policy and continuity, France is cooperating in a trio with Sweden and the Czech Republic which will succeed it, respectively, in the second half of 2022 and the first half of 2023.

This trio has defined three axes echoing the motto of this PFUE "revival, power and belonging" :

  • a more sovereign Europe, capable of controlling its borders and acting on the stability and prosperity of its neighbors;
  • a new European growth model, reconciling economic development and climate ambition;
  • a human Europe, closer to its fellow citizens, fighting against discrimination and violence of all kinds.

How can Acolad support PFUE actors?

In a context of strongly anchored multilingualism within the European Union (which has 23 official languages), Acolad, an agency specializing in linguistic services, makes its skills available to the actors of the PFUE 2022, just as it had done during the previous French presidency.

Equipped with a set of dedicated tools and specialized teams, Acolad is the preferred contact for institutions, associations and other event creation agencies that participate directly or indirectly in the organization of PFUE meetings.

His competences? Professional expertise in interpreting, transcription and translation, as well as extensive experience in supporting the setting up of meetings.

This year, more than 400 meetings are scheduled in France as part of the PFUE, some of which will take place remotely in view of the health context. 

If a meeting requires the presence of experienced interpreters and editors on the D-day, in order to translate and transcribe the words of the interlocutors, there are also many linguistic needs upstream (translation of invitations, PowerPoint presentations distributed during the meetings, etc.) and downstream (drafting then translation of reports and summaries). The objective is to have a written record of the remarks, for archiving purposes but also for communication following the meeting.

The quality of the work carried out by the Acolad teams in these areas is a major asset for the smooth running of all phases of a meeting, from its preparation to its subsequent outreach.

Acolad responds to the European Union's need for all its citizens to be able to understand what is said and express their opinions, without language barriers. Thus, the summary of a meeting and its translations into the different languages ​​make it possible to make the debates accessible to all. It is also the possibility for the organizing entity to honor its speakers and participants, by thanking them for their presence.

Why choose Acolad?

Acolad is a leading player in language services in France. Its teams regularly cover institutional events of this type, with multilingual participants.

During France's last presidency, in 2008, Acolad was the partner of many major players in the organization of PFUE meetings.

Whether the needs for language services are on-site, remotely (by videoconference) or based on recordings, Acolad professionals are able to adapt to all situations. Finally, Acolad knows that rapid distribution of documents related to a meeting is essential and offers unbeatable turnaround times, with no impact on the quality of its services.

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