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The art of interpreting

Interpretation is a delicate exercise with no room for error. Interpretors must be expert communicators with complete mastery of their languages and in-depth knowledge of the topic at hand. Discipline and precision are a must. Thanks to its robust and international network of specialized interpreters, the Acolad Group can meet all of your interpreting needs. Our dedicated teams will provide you with custom-tailored solutions for all your formal and informal events.

The art of speaking

Simultaneous interpreting

During conferences or other large-scale events involving people from different nationalities, the message being communicated must be understood by all parties. Working in real time and without interruption, simultaneous interpreters retransmit the speaker's words in another language. The interpreter sits inside a sound-proof booth equipped with an audio system. He or she interprets the speaker's words while speaking into a microphone, and the audience listens to the message using headphones.

Simultaneous interpreting

Remote interpreting

New technologies make it easy to communicate with anyone in the world. Whether you're organizing a meeting with customers or foreign subsidiaries, or speaking one-on-one or in small groups, our interpreters can simplify all of your video and telephone calls. The Acolad team specifies your call schedule and duration and selects specialized interpreters so you can enjoy high-quality service, even remotely. With the Acolad Interpret Manager solution, benefit from quick reaction times thanks to  the instant availability of a remote interpreter.

Remote interpreting

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Consecutive interpreting

A consecutive interpreter communicates the speaker's message to the audience in another language after the speaker pauses, usually with the help of notes. This technique takes more time than simultaneous interpreting and is typically used in smaller meetings (symposiums, seminars, negotiations, press conferences, etc.).

Consecutive interpreting

Whispering and liaison interpreting

These two types of interpreting services are ideal for smaller, more informal settings.

Whispering interpreting is a simultaneous interpreting technique in which the interpreter communicates the speaker's message in another language while speaking softly (or whispering) in the listener's ear. This method is well suited to bilateral meetings.

In liaison interpreting, the interpreter communicates the speaker’s message sentence by sentence (or on a question-and-answer basis). This type of interpreting is typically used during sales negotiations, business trips or dinners, professional meetings, trade shows, etc.

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