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Spanish interpretation services

With 450 million Spanish speakers in 20 countries, including some of the most desirable places to trade in the world, a myriad of opportunities awaits you. A professional Spanish interpreter bridges the gap. Acolad’s Spanish interpretation service – with expert, bilingual interpreters –help you with the step up.


There are times when you need to know exactly what is being said. This could be for a business meeting, one-to-one meeting or a video conference. Our friendly Spanish interpreters are experts at conveying messages in multiple languages in real time.


Business & remote interpreters

There are many Spanish accents and dialects and company meetings are often conducted from several locations in different time zones. Your contract may hinge on a conference call from Argentina with a dial-in from the United States, Spain and your own base. Complicated?  No - Acolad can provide software and technical equipment that allows our Spanish interpreters to interpret on phone calls or in video conferences.


Other occasions call for you to have an interpreter with you, in person. They could help you break the ice at multilingual trade show in South America or keep you up-to-speed during round-the-table negotiations in Mexico. They can even help you deliver speeches at conferences held in Spanish, of which there are more every year.

Why do I need a Spanish interpreter?

Spanish interpreters and interpretation services are vital for:


  • Following business meetings and conferences
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Socializing at trade shows and on business trips
  • Medical assistance
  • Legal or courtroom appearances
  • With police and other social services
  • Immigration and refugee applications


If you need a record of what has been said, Acolad offers a full transcription service of what’s been interpreted by your Spanish interpreter.

Types of Spanish interpreter

There are several types of interpreter you can work with:


Consecutive interpreter: You speak and leave a short pause. The interpreter then interprets and speaks to the audience in the required language.

In-person: A qualified interpreter is present at your office, conference or wherever you need.

Whispering: Interpretations are spoken softly, or whispered, into the listener’s ear while a speaker is talking.

Liaison: The interpreter communicates sentence by sentence. Often used at meetings, shows and during negotiations.

Superb Spanish interpreters

Acolad’s team are fluent in Spanish and its variations across the globe. They can translate from a multitude of languages into and from Spanish - English, Portuguese, French and German are among some of the most common.  

Our interpreters are intimate with the cultural sensitivities of the country you wish to work with as well as your own language. We make sure that you work with an interpreter who has worked in and understands your relevant field of work, too. A U.K. business importing Spanish chorizos from León has different language needs than a steel company working in Peru.


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