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German Interpretation Services

An experienced, qualified and recognized bilingual German interpreter can be the key to business success.


There are always crucial times when you need to understand exactly what is being said, when it’s being said. Acolad’s personable and friendly German interpreters are experts at interpreting accurately in real time.


Our interpretation service is available worldwide and can be in person or remotely, providing a perfect geographical solution if time is short or distance too far. Being able to follow proceedings can help you meld closer business ties and close important deals. Our German interpreters are perfect to have in person at events such as public speaking or conferences.

Remote German interpreters

Do you have people in multiple countries, or you need someone to translate at short notice? We can interpret during phone calls and video conferences and can provide the technical equipment and software you need for a smooth conversation.


Acolad has a fantastic team of friendly and personable, top-grade German interpreters at your disposal, for whatever German interpretation services you need.


Importance of German

If you are starting to trade and do deals with a German-speaking client, then a German interpreter is vital to your cause. German is the most common tongue in Europe with almost 100 million speakers, making it a true language of business and negotiations.


With your growth and future on the line, our German interpreters give you back control in proceedings in real time. You follow seamlessly and save time and effort as your move your business forwards.

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Do I need a German interpreter?

German interpreters are vital for:


  • Understanding business meetings and conferences
  • Negotiating
  • Socializing on business trips and at trade shows
  • Medical
  • Legal and courtroom appearances
  • At hospitals, with the police and other social services
  • Immigration and refugee applications


Once you’ve completed the deal, Acolad offers a full transcription service of everything that has been said and interpreted by your German interpreter.


Types of German interpreter

There are several types of interpreter. Speak to us to find out which is the most suitable for you and/or your business.


Consecutive interpreter: You speak and leave a short pause. The interpreter then interprets and speaks to the audience in the required language.

In-person: A qualified interpreter is present at your office, conference or wherever you need.

Whispering: Interpretations are spoken softly, or whispered, into the listener’s ear while a speaker is talking.

Liaison: The interpreter communicates sentence by sentence. Often used at meetings, shows and during negotiations.

Types of German spoken

Acolad’s team are fluent in German and a multitude of languages. They are also aware of the important and unique ways German is spoken in different German-speaking countries. This means they are aware of important cultural differences and how to deliver a clear and concise interpretation.


Our German interpreters also bring a wealth of knowledge in many fields so you can count on a language and an industry expert in your field. An IT company reaching out to Switzerland has different language needs to a person applying to open a factory in Frankfurt. All of this is taken into consideration when delegating your German interpreter.


German interpreter or translator?

An interpreter, orally or through sign language, interprets – or makes clear - from one language into another.  


A translator translates the written word, taking a written text from one language and writing it in another.  


Whatever your business's German interpreter needs, contact us about our German interpretation service.

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