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Need English interpretation services?

Language is what binds us together as humans, and an English interpreter can help you forge closer business ties and close vital deals. Using an English interpretation service can be vital for company contracts and negotiations. All of this is interpreted in real time, so you don’t miss any of the details.


Acolad has a fantastic team of friendly and personable, top-grade English interpreters at your disposal. Our interpreters can be present at your required event and provide a range of English interpretation services, from public speaking to business meetings.


Why you need an English interpreter

As the world moves closer together through faster communication, your business needs quick solutions to trading across geographical and linguistic boundaries. It can be stressful if you don’t follow what’s going on, as other discuss your business’s future. Our English interpreter service makes sure you convey exactly what you wish and you understand everything you hear, in whatever language negotiations are conducted in.


Do you have people in multiple countries, or you need someone to translate at short notice? We can interpret during phone calls and video conferences and can provide the technical equipment and software you need for a smooth conversation.

English interpreter services

English interpreters are vital for:


  • Meetings, trade shows and conferences
  • Negotiations, socializing on business trips
  • Medical help
  • Legal and courtroom appearances
  • Dealing with the police and other social services
  • Immigration and refugee applications


Want notes? Don’t worry, once your English interpreter has helped you, we offer a full transcription service so you can keep an accurate record of everything that was said.

Types of English interpreter

There are several types of interpretation techniques and interpreters available. Talk to us about the most suitable for you.


Consecutive interpreter: Giving a presentation? You speak and leave a short pause, then the interpreter speaks to the audience in the required language.

In-person: A qualified interpreter comes to your office, conference or wherever you need.

Whispering: Interpretations are spoken softly, or whispered, into the listener’s ear while a speaker is talking.

Liaison: The interpreter communicates sentence by sentence. Often used at meetings, shows and during negotiations.


English interpreter qualities

Acolad’s team are fluent in English and a multitude of languages. Our linguistic dexterity evens out any potential lumps in talks, with real-time translations keeping you up-to-speed throughout.


The devil is in the detail - and idioms. You might say ‘break a leg’ to wish someone good luck. But a literal translation may sound off-putting to someone speaking another language. Our interpreters are aware of cultural sensitivities in the languages they work in, so that everyone ends up feeling ‘over the moon’.

English interpreter or translator?

An interpreter, orally or through sign language, interprets – or makes clear - from one language into another.


A translator translates the written word, taking a written text from one language and writing it in another.


Whatever your business's interpretation needs, take the smooth route and contact us about our English interpretation service.


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