Interpreting Services

Interpreting services specialized in each professional sector for all your communication needs: from multilingual conversations to international meetings and events.

Ensure multilingual communication success

Whether it’s events, customer support or internal meetings, Acolad interpreting services help you communicate with and better understand your audiences.


Through our 360º interpreting solutions, including consulting, technology and specialized support, we help you improve multilingual communications in any context - on-site, in hybrid or remotely.

281 million

people worldwide live outside their country of birth


different languages are spoken across Europe

1 in 4

U.S. companies have lost business due to a lack of foreign language skills

360° Service

We guide you throughout every step of the process and eliminate any barriers to the success of your multilingual meetings.

Experience & expertise

Extensive network of trained, certified interpreters for each industry who are fluent in the language, culture and customs of their country.

Technology & innovation

Interpreting and technology solutions that anticipate market trends and fully meet our clients’ multilingual communication needs.

Consulting & guidance

We remove the complexity of navigating the different services and tools available and help you select the best communication solution for each project.

An eye for detail

In interpreting each detail matters. We coordinate all aspects and stakeholders involved in your project to ensure effective multilingual communication and events.

Conference Interpreting services

Interpreting for multilingual meetings and events

From face-to-face conversations to large-scale events, we help you engage multicultural audiences and deliver accessible, inclusive communications in any language.

As your multilingual content partner for meetings and events, our services range from live interpretation and multimedia localization to adaptation of marketing materials and website localization.

  • Town-halls, webinars, live broadcasts (internal & external)
  • Trainings, workshops, work sessions, internal meetings
  • Regional and international conventions 
  • European Work Councils (EWC), committees
  • Executive committees, board meetings, assemblies
  • Site visits, audits
  • Multilateral/bilateral negotiations

  • From small groups up to thousands of participants

  • Simultaneous – the interpretation is performed while the speaker is speaking
  • Consecutive – the interpretation us performed after the speaker has finished speaking

  • From 1 to >15 languages (no technical limit to number of languages per meeting)
  • 2 or more interpreters
  • Interpreters work in teams of 2 and hand over the interpreting to their colleague every 30 minutes approx.

  • Virtual meetings: use of remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) platform for simultaneous or conventional web conferencing tools for consecutive
  • Hybrid events: onsite equipment & remote technology
  • On-site interpreting: with booths, headsets, and specialized technicians or portable audio-guide systems

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is performed live while the speaker is speaking, allowing the message to be conveyed at the same time in as many target languages as required.

Remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) is often the best interpreting solution for remote, hybrid and even for in-person events, as it offers more flexibility and helps to reduce costs.

Consecutive interpretation

The interpreter listens to the speaker while taking notes and reproduces the speech into the target language, after the speaker has finished speaking. Being more time-consuming than simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpretation is generally used in specific settings where only one language pair is involved – for example site visits, audits and bilateral negotiations.

Sign language interpreting

Sign language interpreting translates spoken language to sign language and vice versa, in-person or over-video communication. By facilitating meaningful communication with the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities, you’re ensuring that everyone connected with your business feels respected, listened to, and receives the best level of service.

Remote Interpreting services

Interpreting for daily multilingual communication

Acolad’s over-the-phone and video remote interpreting services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via phone, web portal or mobile app, in all imaginable languages to ease your daily communication with clients or colleagues speaking different languages.


Interpreter phone certification and quality assurance 

Interpreting services are provided in compliance with  ISO 9001 Quality Assurance, ISO 27001 Information Security and ISO 18841 Interpreting Services. 

On-site Interpreting services

Managing communication with an interpreter on location

Interpreting for face-to-face communication is more than just translating words. It’s also about building mutual respect and bridging cultures to ensure a clear and precise transmission of the message of the speakers; non-verbal communication plays a key role in the communication process. For complex or sensitive conversations in particular, having an interpreter on-site can bring a clear added value. 

Specialized interpreting services

Tailored interpreting solutions for the legal and public sectors.

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