Interpreting Services

Interpreting services for all your needs: from telephone interpretation for daily multilingual communication to simultaneous interpreting for meetings and events.

Interpreting services specialized in each professional sector

With its extensive international network of specialized interpreters, Acolad can meet all your multilingual communication needs.  

From 1:1 meetings to large events, congresses, and conferences, whether it’s consecutive or simultaneous interpreting, on-site, hybrid or remote, Acolad will support you effectively with its expertise and resources. Over the years, we have specialized in the joint provision of interpreting services, equipment, technology, and specialized support, always adapted to your needs.

Our interpreting offering is complemented by subtitling, transcription, and voice over services to as part of our one-stop-shop solutions.


Your practical guide to interpreting

Explore different interpreting scenarios and find the best fit for your multilingual communication needs. 

Interpreting for multilingual corporate meetings 

Tailored interpreting solutions for corporate meetings, from face-to-face conversations to large-scale events and conferences, in any language combination

In addition to saving time and costs with travel, venue planning, and logistics, virtual and hybrid meetings can reach a broader international audience who might otherwise be unable to attend a physical event, delivering a much greater global impact. 

Acolad provides interpreting solutions combining language and technology expertise to ensure the required flexibility and participation. 

Interpreting technologies have become increasingly intuitive and easy to use, allowing meeting attendees to listen and interact in the desired language with minimal to no additional steps or adjustments.

  • Town-halls, webinars, live broadcasts (internal & external)
  • Trainings, workshops, work sessions, internal meetings
  • Regional and international conventions 
  • European Work Councils (EWC), committees
  • Executive committees, board meetings, assemblies
  • Site visits, audits
  • Multilateral/bilateral negotiations

  • From small groups up to thousands of participants

  • Simultaneous – the interpretation is performed while the speaker is speaking
  • Consecutive – the interpretation us performed after the speaker has finished speaking

  • From 1 to >15 languages (no technical limit to number of languages per meeting)
  • 2 or more interpreters
  • Interpreters work in teams of 2 and hand over the interpreting to their colleague every 30 minutes approx.

  • Virtual meetings: use of remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) platform for simultaneous or conventional web conferencing tools for consecutive
  • Hybrid events: onsite equipment & remote technology
  • On-site interpreting: with booths, headsets, and specialized technicians or portable audio-guide systems

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is performed live while the speaker is speaking; simultaneous is by the most widespread interpreting mode, as it is the most efficient: the message of the speaker is conveyed simultaneously in as many target languages as required for the meeting.

For on-site interpreting, specific equipment (soundproof booths, headsets) is no longer a requirement. For remote or hybrid events, remote simultaneous interpretation technology is used.

Consecutive interpretation

The interpreter listens to the speaker while taking notes and reproduces the speech into the target language, after the speaker has finished speaking.

For on-site interpretation, no equipment is required. For remote meetings, conventional web-conferencing tools can be used. This technique, which is more time-consuming than simultaneous as the speaker and interpreter take turns speaking, is generally used in specific settings where only one language pair is involved (e.g. site visits, audits, bilateral negotiations).

Webinar on-demand

How to reach and hear your audience with Interpreting

Find out how interpreting can help you overcome linguistic barriers in your multilingual meetings and events and explore best practices for organizing virtual meetings with remote interpretation.

Over-the-phone (OPI) and video remote (VRI)

Are international phone and video calls part of your daily activities? Then you know how important accurate and effective multilingual communication is. Our interpreters have extensive experience in providing interpreting services over the phone and in your areas of activity.

Acolad’s over-the-phone and video remote interpreting services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via phone, web portal or mobile app, in all imaginable languages to ease your daily communication with clients or colleagues speaking different languages.

Interpreter phone certification and quality assurance 

Interpreting services are provided in compliance with  ISO 9001 Quality Assurance, ISO 27001 Information Security and ISO 18841 Interpreting Services. 

Why choose over-the-phone and video remote interpreting services? 

  • Extensive network of trained over-the-phone and video remote interpreters who are fluent in the language, culture and customs of their country

  • Specialized interpreters for each industry from medical, to legal, insurance, technical conversations

  • Around the clock availability, 24/7/365

  • Certified interpreters (per project, only interpreters that possess the required certifications are assigned)) 


Best practices for multilingual remote communications

How to deliver effective global communication across languages and channels? Check our multilingual remote communication tips for global businesses. 

On-site interpreting services 

Managing communication with an interpreter on location 


Interpreting for face-to-face communication is more than just translating words. It's also about building mutual respect and bridging cultures to ensure a clear and precise transmission of the message of the speakers; non-verbal communication plays a key role in the communication process. For complex or sensitive conversations in particular, having an interpreter on-site can bring a clear added value. 

Specialized interpreting services 

Legal Remote Interpreting Services

Sworn interpreters and remote interpreting solutions for your virtual hearings

Public Sector Interpreting Services

Communicate with citizens in their native language whether in-person or remotely

The latest interpreting insights 

Want to take your multilingual communications and events to the next level? 

Our interpreting service experts are here to help you.