Enterprise Machine Translation (MT)

Save time and money, but don't spare on the quality you need – to communicate effectively with audiences worldwide! We tailor your perfect MT solution. 

Good Machine Translation never comes alone

Companies integrate Machine Translation (MT) to optimize costs and turnaround times of their global content spread. But perfect MT needs advanced technology, expertise and applied content intelligence: 

  • Use of adaptive neural MT 
  • Translation memory 
  • Terminology management 
  • Expert support teams 
  • Professional post-editing 
  • Quality control automation. 

We get you covered! 

Ideal for large projects

We always use the right engines for your individual content – processing even the highest volumes swiftly.

Quick and efficient

Last minute requests? Integrating our specialized MT solutions, you still get the quality you need!

With data security guaranteed

Our advanced translation technology keeps your data secure, confidential and GDPR compliant.

Neural Machine Translation (NMT) at a glance

It uses deep learning to apply linguistic rules, resulting in faster and higher quality translations. We offer the latest NMT technologies to help you translate large projects quickly and efficiently. Without deeper post-editing, it should only be used for basic, non-editorial texts such as product files or technical documentation. We'll help you find the best procedure! 

As a global vendor who connects people – one of our biggest barriers to helping those around the world at speed is being able to support them in their language. Acolad’s extra hours and dedication are having a profound effect on hundreds of millions of technology users around the world.

 MT Customer Success Manager, Acolad

End-to-end support around everything MT

Our experts support you from feasibility analysis throughout MT implementation: with engine selection, workflow architecture, translation memory integration, quality plan development, user adoption and fine-tuning. Our combination of translation memory, domain or customer-specific terminology and engine training ensures highest quality – harmonized for your specific needs! 

Certified Leadership in MT processing

We collaborate closely with leading language technology research institutions such as the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), one of the largest centers of excellence in Artificial Intelligence (AI) worldwide – to always remain on top of cutting-edge translation technology. But what's still crucial: Our human MT Post-Editing Services are certified by ISO standard 18587:2017! 

Different needs, customized MT solutions

We help you find the ideal technology mix and quality level for each of your projects. Generally speaking, unattended MT only works when all you need is speed to get the general message across – whereas light post-editing often suffices for internal, short-lived, informative content. Fully post-edited MT ensures first-class results, in your company’s terminology and style!

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