Machine Translation Services

Whether you’re looking for automation, faster translation, improved language quality, privacy protection, cost savings or a bit of everything – we make it possible.

Machine Translation Consulting

Create the business case for implementing machine translation in your organization.

End-To-End MT Support

MT engine selection, workflow architectures, translation memory integration, quality plan development, user adoption and fine-tuning.

Machine Translation Post-Editing

Add human expertise to AI and you'll get the best quality from machine translation. 

Self-Service Machine Translation

A self-service MT tool that can be integrated in our client portal or your existing systems.

State-of-the art neural machine translation expertise

Through our different machine translation services, we help our clients make the best use of their translation budget, finding the ideal technology mix and quality level to communicate effectively with their target audiences worldwide.

From machine translation technology consulting to professional post-editing, we work with you to design the right translation strategy for your content and communication needs.


We knew there was great potential in embracing MT (…). It was crucial for us to find a translation partner with experience and the right mindset to develop a solution that could help us achieve efficiencies.

Ester Caduff, Head of Language Services Department, Migros

Our machine translation implementation success stories

Machine translation service levels

Our MT experts support customers from feasibility analysis and MT implementation to engine training and optimization. This includes MT engine selection, workflow architectures, translation memory integration, quality plan development, user adoption and fine-tuning.

High-quality professional translation, fully adjusted to your company’s terminology, style and other requirements. MT is used to accelerate the process and increase efficiency, ensuring first-class results.

Light retouches to the machine translation output, fixing critical typos, grammar and machine-induced errors. The right choice for internal or short-lived informative content.

Automatic machine translation, without human intervention. A cost-effective solution when all you need is speed and to get the general message across.


Unveiling the Meaning of Machine Translation Quality

Understand the different approaches to evaluate machine translation quality – and what their potential impact on your localization strategy.

Why Acolad machine translation solutions

Cutting-edge technology

Acolad’s R&D department has over 200 talents working daily in artificial intelligence and machine learning topics, often partnering with leading language technology research institutions.

Focus on continuous improvement

We assess best-in-breed neural machine translation systems, including our own and ones we train, on a continual, iterative basis to ensure the best possible output for raw translation or productive post-editing.

Full confidentiality and data security

Data security is one of our top priorities. Our robust machine translation technology ensures information is kept confidential and protected throughout each step of the translation workflow.

Automated language technology integration

By combining the use of translation memory, domain or customer-specific terminology and MT engine training, we ensure optimum results and the highest possible quality output.

Certified post-editing expertise

Our high-quality machine translation results for clients over the years grant us the ISO standard 18587:2017 certification (Machine Translation Post-Editing Services).

Comprehensive solution portfolio

From data sourcing and cleaning to machine translation optimization, we have the technology solutions and expertise to deliver machine translation that meets your efficiency and quality goals.

Machine translation tips and best practices

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