Website Localization

87% of the consumers begin their buying journey with an online search – adapting your website to new audiences is crucial for successful global growth!

Reaching new audiences: Your global growth starts here

It takes a strategic approach to scale up your online content and remain competitive in today’s global marketplace, focusing on processes and technology. We understand the challenges that come with your multilingual content. Whether you require automation, faster time to market, high-quality translations, simplified content workflows, cost savings ... we make it possible! 

Globalization expertise

We assess all the dimensions of your localization processes, identify optimization opportunities and make them real. 

Consulting and guidance

Unclear needs, limited resources and legacy technologies present multiple challenges – Acolad comes to the rescue! 

Feature-rich technology

We ensure you'll be keeping up with evolving customer expectations and the technology trends that mark the future.  

Unveiling the meaning of machine translation quality measures

Understand the different approaches to the evaluation of machine translation quality – and what they mean for your translation and localization needs. 

Website translation proxy: Acolad SiteSync

Want a fast, fully automated solution? Acolad SiteSync creates multilingual mirrors of your website, automatically monitoring content updates and applying translations on the fly. In short: this is your hassle-free solution that comes with minimal manual effort and fast time to market – the set-up can happen in as little as 30 days. There's no need for a globally ready WCMS! 

The SiteSync translation proxy enabled the launch of Sterigenics’ website in six languages in record time. All while maintaining our high standards and ensuring the continued support of our global web presence.

Amie Casson
Global Marketing Leader, Sterigenics

Website translation connector

Acolad’s connector empowers your teams to request − and receive! − translations directly through your WCMS, at the click of a button. Translated content is automatically placed in the right components, respecting the page layout and ensuring design consistency. Streamlined workflows mean faster turnaround for high volumes of content – with seamless integration to any CMS! 

Manual website translation

The traditional approach to website translations gives you granular control for minimal investment. It's the right approach if you’re not yet ready to centralize all web content management, have low translation volumes or only minimal updates. No technology needed, you have full control over each localization project − and the flexibility to address rather creative content. 

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