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Transcription tailored to your needs

Receive a transcript of all your communications, no matter the format

Easy and fast

Simply upload the audio file you need transcribed and we’ll handle the rest 

Accuracy and quality

Get an accurate word-for-word transcript of your audio files 

A service that bridges multimedia technology and international audiences

Many companies rely on international markets for growth. Today, sharing a message across national borders often means creating audio and video content. Thanks to Acolad’s audio transcription services, you can have your recorded messages written down with accuracy by professionals. Our team of experts can help your business communicate with new markets thanks to great transcriptions. 

Kansainvälistyminen ja litterointi

Transcription with careful
attention to detail

Upon request, our translators can use a document we transcribe to produce a translation that is adapted to and localized for their respective languages. To get a high-quality translation, precision is key, and this begins during the transcription stage. Reflecting the original audio or video content with accuracy is crucial for communicating a message that is both clear and effective. Our focus on precisely transcribing your content guarantees you’ll receive an accurate, top-quality result every time. 

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End-to-end expertise

Regardless of the format (a business meeting, speech, audio file, internal memo, audio notes, marketing videos, etc.), our specialized transcriptionists can work with a variety of file types to create a transcript. If you plan on using the transcription to add subtitles, we can include time codes to make it easier to incorporate the transcription text into your video. Thanks to time codes, you’ll be able to follow the transcription text minute-by-minute to easily add in subtitles. Lastly, we make sure to optimize the number of characters in the text to ensure optimal readability and a seamless user experience. 

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A made-to-measure service

Our project managers will work with you to create a truly customized solution that meets your needs. We can adapt the format of the transcripts, depending on your criteria. Our transcriptionists are all native speakers of your target language and are prepared to handle even the most complex projects. At Acolad, we work with a large network of experienced translators and transcriptionists, so we can offer a high level of accuracy while keeping the turnaround time low 

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