Ubiqus is now Acolad

Ubiqus language services expand under the Acolad brand

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A natural union

For more than 30 years, Ubiqus has been developing innovative languages services, becoming a leading global player in translation, interpretation and transcription services. 


With offices in 25 countries and a strong focus on language and innovation, joining Acolad brings an extensive geographic footprint and technological portfolio that will allow Ubiqus to expand its reach, speed up its delivery timelines, and continue to support clients in the best possible way. This strategic alliance enables us to offer our clients even more and better services and technologies, reaffirming our commitment to excellence.

Common values

Our common values guided Ubiqus’ integration

Client satisfaction is still a top priority

Achieved on the basis of firm commitments – consistently upheld by all the Group’s teams – to produce high-quality language services, even within short time frames; to provide a responsive service whatever the circumstances; and to be in full control of confidentiality at all times.

Ongoing innovation

As communication in today’s world is instantaneous and multi-channel, both groups strive to constantly push the boundaries of what is possible in terms of language technologies to develop new solutions. We combined the expertise of our teams and the technological power of our AI to develop translation and transcription services that are scalable and adapted to the new uses of our clients.

What we offer

Acolad’s tech-enabled solution portfolio expands Ubiqus language services

A stronger, unique voice across all regions and verticals, enhancing our vision and capitalizing on an expanded portfolio of language services and technologies.


A comprehensive and flexible portfolio of content-centric solutions




Web localization 

Multilingual DTP



Market-leading technologies unleashing new opportunities across industries

Life Sciences




And more


Access to 24/7 support from language and content experts across the world

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A global team of 2,500 internal experts and a network of 20,000+ linguists

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Frequenly Asked Questions

Ubiqus joined forces with the Acolad group in 2022, marking a significant milestone in both companies’ journeys. Rebranding under the Acolad name was a strategic step forward to strengthen the group’s position as a leader in the language and content industry. This move allows for a unified voice and identity across all regions and verticals. 

Yes. We are committed to carrying our core values and guiding principles forward, building  on their strong foundation while evolving and adapting them to meet the changing needs of our stakeholders. The rebranding emphasizes a shared goal: delivering the best services and technologies to customers. The Acolad brand aligns with the group's vision of growth and excellence while celebrating the diversity of expertise within the group.

By joining forces under a single name, aligning our processes, and focusing on R&D while we merge our talented teams, the group will reinforce its global leadership in language and content solutions (translation, interpreting and transcription). This transformation brings forth a robust brand backed by cutting-edge technology and an expanded service portfolio. Clients can expect tailored, innovative solutions that cater to their evolving needs. A powerful and unique brand with a unified offering, strong USPs, and clear positioning will be reassuring to everyone we work with now and in the future.

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