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Our Rebranding

HomeOur Rebranding

Why the rebranding?

Since its creation more than 25 years ago, the Acolad group has been committed to providing you with the best language services and technologies. Recently, the group has experienced strong international growth and is proud to have subsidiaries in 14 countries, more than 35 offices on three continents, and an even greater range of specializations across all sectors. 


You may know us as Cogen, Arancho Doc, Soget, VO Paris, Technicis, Translation Probst, CPW, Sémantis or HL Trad. While each of these companies is distinct in its own way, they are all made up of individuals inspired by the same passion – providing you with solutions that meet your needs for every language project. 


Having nine names and as many separate websites no longer corresponded to this great common endeavor and to what we have become today – a single provider for all of your language needs. We wanted to be identifiable by you – our clients – and to optimize the management of your translation and localization projects. That is why we have decided to create a new, shared brand and to undertake a rebranding. As of today, you will only need to remember one name for all your projects: Acolad. Our new, multi-local brand story starts with you.

Why Acolad?

We wanted our new name to embody the two pillars of our corporate culture and the reason our clients value us: our passion for the subtlety of language and the care we take in our relationships with all our partners. At Acolad, we know that choosing the right word can make all the difference when you enter a new market. That is why we work with you extensively to obtain a thorough understanding of your culture and your needs, enabling us to offer you a truly tailor-made solution. 


If you speak English, French, Romanian, or German, you will no doubt have guessed how this new brand name reflects the image of the group. “Accolade” refers both to a symbol of friendship and the curly braces symbol {}. In English, it expresses the recognition of merit.


The simplified name “Acolad” was therefore a natural choice. It is our hope that for you, it will now be synonymous with the single provider for all of your language needs, with flexibility and proximity, but also with impeccable, high-quality service by the best translators in each field, selected by us.


It is thanks to you that the Acolad brand was born and continues to grow, day after day. None of it would have been possible without you and we are sincerely grateful. Thank you for placing your trust in us, for your high standards, for your feedback – which is always so constructive – and for your enthusiasm. We look forward to writing this new chapter together. 


The Acolad team

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