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Certified Spanish Translation

Certified Spanish Translation: Sworn Spanish Translator

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Certified Spanish translations

Spanish is a truly global language, covering three continents and 20 countries and more than 440 million native speakers - The United States, Spain, Mexico and Argentina among them. If you want to do business anywhere that Spanish is an official language than almost certainly you will need a certified Spanish translation of your paperwork.


Working with Acolad, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that all your documents will be accurately translated and accepted without fuss. Our sworn Spanish translator will have your paperwork translated and compliant.


We have a talented team of bilingual, native speakers of Spanish who can translate whatever document you or your business may need. We partner you with not only a linguistic expert, but someone who has working knowledge of your field.


Business translations in Sanish

Red tape – business or personal – is the same worldwide. It needs to be signed and in the country’s mother tongue if they are to be accepted as legal. Your contracts, birth certificates and more need to be translated by a sworn Spanish translator.


Companies who want to expand into the vast Spanish-speaking market need to maintain a paper trail. Each country is different. Contracts, accounts and financial statements all need to be translated from your native language into Spanish (or the other way around). At Acolad, clarity of voice and purpose is provided by our sworn Spanish interpreters.

Why do I need a translation?

Here are just a few examples where a certified Spanish translation could be needed:


  • Business and service contracts
  • Financial accounts and reports
  • Legal documents for court cases and applications
  • Patents
  • Work with government and public bodies
  • Energy industry
  • Pharmacy

What does certified mean?

A certified translation is a very important document to you and the recipient. Once accepted, it becomes a legal record of that document. The contracts and certificates become part of the legal process in the country you are working in or with. These documents must be translated by a qualified translator. A certified (or sworn) translator is slightly different – see below for more.


Acolad boasts a team of certified, bilingual expert translators, who are court accredited. Once translated by us, your documents will be accepted by the relevant bodies. Remember, we can translate from your language into Spanish, or from Spanish into whichever language you choose.


What is a sworn Spanish translator?

A sworn Spanish translator is someone that is authorized – usually by the government or court of that country – to translate official documents on their behalf. The sworn translator is a vital part of this process for the judiciary. The sworn translator assumes responsibility for the legality of the paperwork the moment they sign and seal it. The document then becomes a legal document.


At Acolad, our sworn translators are recognized as expert translators and interpreters. We have chosen them for their deep knowledge in linguistics, legislation and the various legal terminologies that abound.


For whatever your business needs, contact us about your certified Spanish translation.


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