Certified Translation Services

Easily navigate market barriers and regulatory requirements with certified translation services you can trust.

Certified translations that help unlock doors

Confidence in communication

When there’s no room for doubt, make sure your case is understood. Translations certified to guarantee accuracy and recognition by all parties.

Stress-free legal compliance

Take the stress out of meeting intricate global and local legal requirements thanks to translation services certified with an official stamp of approval.

New markets unlocked

Expand internationally with the expertise to meet whatever complex language and regulatory requirements official bodies demand.

“Acolad has become one of our best partners. We made the decision to move all of our legal document translation to Acolad because we believed they could handle it. So far, they have confirmed our belief. Things are going much smoother for our legal translations at this point and we’re quite happy with them. I wish we had made the decision earlier.”

Jonathan Turpin
Localization Team Leader, Turpin

Why Acolad

Why make Acolad your certified translation partner?

A global network of experts

Our extensive pool of certified translation professionals includes medical and court interpreters with years of experience and deep knowledge of legal and financial protocols.

Secure and confidential

Professional translation certification demands the highest levels of data security. Our processes are set up to guarantee your data is secure, with NDAs where needed.

Certified interpreters

Specialized interpreters, including certified court interpreters, are ready for negotiations and court appearances, helping you to stay in the loop and in control.

Focus on quality

Take confidence with translation services certified to meet ISO quality standards for authentication and verification of documents for legal and official matters.

The best certified translation services

Certified document translation
Certified native translators with industry specialisms work with any document format, including contracts, agreements, reports, statements and more.

Notarized document translation
Ensure the accuracy and legality of your documents with our certified notarized translation services, guaranteeing precise and official translations.

Legalized document translation  
Ensure your documents comply with local legal requirements and gain peace of mind with our legalized translation document services.

Certified audio transcription services
Trustworthy and precise, our certified audio transcription services convert your audio content into written format with utmost accuracy and efficiency.


Document translation certified for every industry domain
Certified legal translation services

Trust our court certified translation services to help you ensure linguistic accuracy and compliance with local legal document translation requirements.

Certified medical document translation services

Accurate and confidential certified medical document translation services, ensuring precise communication for healthcare providers and patients.

Immigration translation services

Ensure smooth immigration processes and full language support for your immigration documentation needs with our certified translation services for immigration.

Minimize red tape with certified translations

Let's discuss your legal document translation requirements.


New to certified translations? We have answers.

A certified translation refers to the translation of a document that is accompanied by a certification statement provided by a qualified translator or translation agency, affirming that the translation is accurate and complete to the best of their knowledge and ability.

These translations are commonly sought after by individuals, businesses, or organizations when they need official document translation or legal translation services for various purposes, such as immigration applications, legal proceedings, or compliance with regulatory requirements.

Certified translations are often required for legal or official purposes. They often ensure the translated document holds the same legal validity as the original, in the case of legal documents, or that the translation meets a certain standard demanded by an official body.

We have an in-depth guide on everything you need to know about certified and sworn translations. It covers everything you need to know about the certified translation process, from translation services for legal documents, to exactly what to look for in a certified translation partner.

Thanks to our global network of certified translation professionals, Acolad can provide certified translation services online and official translation services with round-the-clock delivery even if we don’t have a physical office near you. You can request a quote or contact our sales team to book a meeting.