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Certified German Translation

Certified German Translation: Sworn German Translator

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certified german translation

A certified German translation could be the key to growing your business.


For businesses, there are more than 100 million German speakers worldwide, offering a wealth of development opportunities. These markets are not just in Germany – Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and more all have sizable German-speaking markets.


With growth comes paperwork; contracts, accounts and financial statements all need to be translated from your native language into German, or the other way around. Acolad provides fast, accurate and reliable certified German translations to help you explore these emerging markets.


Why do I need a translation?

Here are just a few examples where a certified german translator could be needed:


  • Business and service contracts
  • Financial accounts and reports
  • Legal documents for court cases and applications
  • Patents
  • Work with government and public bodies
  • Energy industry
  • Pharmacy

What does certified mean?

Certain documents in Germany and other German-speaking countries simply must be translated into German. If not, they are not accepted by the authorities.


A certified translation is very important because it provides a legal record of a document. Contracts and certificates form part of the legal process. That is why these documents must be translated by a qualified German translator. A certified (or sworn) translator is slightly different – see below for more on that.


At Acolad there is a team of certified translators - court-accredited - that can provide certified translations to or from German into almost any language. This guarantees you not only peace of mind, but the accuracy you need for your business paperwork.

What is a sworn German translator?

A sworn German translator is someone that is authorized – usually by governments – to translate official documents. Once a sworn translator has signed and sealed their translation, the sworn translator assumes responsibility for that document. It is now an official, legal document. A certified translation, however, does not need to be completed by a sworn, or certified, translator.


At Acolad, sworn translators are recognized as expert translators and interpreters, with a deep knowledge in linguistics, legislation and the various legal terminologies that abound. These sworn German translations can be used to guarantee the accuracy of the information translated.


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