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Understanding the tools and management of complex files


Integration of translation requests into your tools


Technical advice for integrating your processes

International development of software publishers

In the constantly evolving,  there are no language barriers to your requests. We support you in all your projects, including complex and technical files. We take your internal specificities and processes into account to adapt our translation and localisation services. Up-to-date on technological innovations, our project managers can offer you personalised solutions, be it for SaaS software, an information system, developing an API or CRM tool, marketing automation or for an IT company. We optimise your processes in order to provide you with the best solution for your needs.

International development of software publishers

Video games around the world

We work with new technology, from the most technical to the most entertaining. Video games combine technical innovation with entertainment in order to provide fans with a truly interactive artistic creation. We offer you personalised support, to monitor every stage of your project, including subtitles, voice-overs and marketing. Our teams are specialised in your field and help you go beyond borders in a competitive global market.

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A team dedicated to your needs

To manage your project, we call on experts in software publishing, IT and video games for example, to help us understand your challenges and objectives. By selecting translators before the project is launched, they can be integrated into the process and become familiar with your working environment quickly. This approach helps to ensure coherence between all your support materials and to provide impeccable service. We can translate technical documents, adapt content to the target markets, and localise your websites and software. We can also automate your translation processes to improve productivity.

A team dedicated to your needs

The solution for all your translation projects

  • Websites, e-commerce, intranets, extranets, various applications
  • Product descriptions
  • Back office and special content
  • Video files and e-learning modules
  • Instructions for use and technical documents

  • All file formats (XML, PHP, WML, LaTeX, HTM, HTML, .properties, .po, etc.)
  • Testing
  • Payment software
  • And much more…

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