Certified translation

Certified translations are your key to international administration and help you grow your business – by removing the barriers of foreign markets. 

Certifications for the age of globalization

Opening an office abroad, recruiting in other continents, presenting your patent in a foreign language … In this age of globalization, we can expand our businesses far beyond national borders. To do so successfully, don't underestimate the power of this round stamp on your certified translations: It builds trust, often is a prerequisite – and opens many doors!

Only certified translators

We meet all your needs for high-quality certified translations, offering up-to-date expertise and decades of experience!

Certified interpreters

We provide specialized interpreters for negotiations and at court − no detail gets lost in translation!

Closest attention to detail

The result: Certified documents and translations that are 100% accurate and impartial.

Breaking down barriers

Sworn translators, accredited by the courts, provide accurate certified translations of official documents, e.g. from notaries or of any administrative document. This guarantees accuracy and recognition from all parties involved. We can provide translations of official documents for both individuals and companies, in practically any language − to be used all over the world.

The upper hand at negotiations

Make sure you stay in control – with the assistance of our sworn interpreters, guaranteeing highest quality and accuracy. You can choose from our extensive pool of certified professionals, including medical and court interpreters with knowledge of courtroom protocol, displaying professional conduct at all times. They will remain impartial in any situation.

Contact a certified translation expert

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