High-Tech Translations, Software Globalization and Gaming Localization 

Global Content Solutions for High-Tech, Software and Gaming Companies

The technology industry has a clear international dimension. And with the constant technological evolution, your needs transcend language barriers.  

Our software localization experts keep up with the latest technological innovations and can offer a customized localization approach to your products. Whether it’s enterprise software, SaaS, IT services, video games, online applications, mobile apps or other technologies, we can help you take your products global.  

Technology Expertise

Understanding tools and managing complex files 

Process Automation

Incorporating translation in your technology infrastructure 

Consultative Approach

Technical advice on integrating your processes 

Acolad has become one of our best partners. We made the decision to move all of our legal content to Acolad because we believed they could handle it. So far, they have confirmed our belief. Things are going much smoother for our legal translations at this point and we’re quite happy with them. I wish we had made the decision earlier.

Jonathan Turpin 
Localization Team Lead, ESRI (California, USA) 

A customized approach to your technology localization projects

We assign experts in software development, computer technologies, and video games to your project so we can fully understand your challenges and objectives.  

Selecting translators from day one makes it possible to quickly include them in the process and educate them about your work environment. With this approach, you can maintain consistency across all of your products, and we can provide you with exceptional service.  

Our translators can translate technical documents, adapt content to appeal to your target markets, and localize your websites and software. We can also automate your translation requests to guarantee enhanced productivity. 

A multidisciplinary network of ICT expertise

At Acolad, we translate IT texts from a whole range of different sectors and disciplines with our team of experienced translators, software and design experts, project managers and editors who can deliver your project in any format you need. 

Our IT translators are familiar with technical and technology topics such as software development, databases, IT engineering or mobile apps. Our linguists also consistently re-educate themselves as necessary, in order to keep up with the demands of the ever-evolving, constantly progressing changes of information technology.   

Technical Terminology and Quality Technical Translations

Translations for high-tech, information technology and software, like all other technical translations, require accurate terminology to produce the high-quality results.  

We work with industry termbases and proofread every translation to guarantee the accuracy of terminology, clarity and consistency. We can also help you create and maintain your corporate glossary to ensure full brand consistency with your product guidelines. 

Our localization methodologies adhere to quality assurance processes so that we can ensure your specialized translation meets the strict requirements of technical materials. 

Our customized solutions for all your technology localization projects

We can help you complete all of your globalization projects, even when they involve complex and technical files. Our technology clients have at their disposition a host of IT translation services, including: 

  • Websites, ecommerce, intranets and other online platforms 
  • Enterprise, cloud and customized software applications  
  • Consumer electronics 
  • Electronic equipment and components 
  • Technology hardware and electronic manufacturing services 
  • IT and other technology-enabled services 
  • Audiovisual files and elearning modules 
  • Product descriptions, instruction manuals and technical documents 
  • Any file formats (XML, PHP, WML, LaTeX, HTM, HTML, .properties, .po, and more) 
Case Study

Tech-giant breaks language barriers worldwide

Learn how we helped a leading high-tech giant keep consistent terminology and branding, cut turnaround times and drive more business. 

Language Solutions for the Software & IT Industry

Software & Mobile App Globalization

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Technical Translations

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Multimedia Localization Services

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Website Localization

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Elearning Localization

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Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP)

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Technology Localization Consulting, Managed Services and BPO

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High-Tech, IT Hardware & Electronics Localization

Meet your product documentation deadlines 

Leading electronics and high-tech companies rely on Acolad world-class translators to deliver high-quality translations of user guides, manuals and other materials to help them conquer new markets. 

Our reliable and secure technology localization solutions help you manage your global content demands for product releases and hit your global launch dates, while mitigating risk and responding to evolving digital threats.  

Ideal for those marketing computers, tablets, phones or other devices overseas, our hardware translation services can localize everything from instruction manuals to user interfaces. 

Case Study

ABB: Global success driven by +105,000 talented employees in over 100 countries

Find out how our partnership with ABB, leading global tech manufacturer, evolved through the years, covering language training and terminology management among other services. 

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Video Game Localization

Enable video gamers to enjoy an exceptional multilingual gaming experience 

We believe video games combine technology with entertainment to offer gamers an interactive work of art. And in the world of video games, localization goes beyond simple translation.  

Our gaming localization services cover it all - carefully adapting a product to the language and cultural references of a specific market while respecting the original meaning, text length and context.  

We also transcribe and tweak the visual elements of gaming interfaces (dialogues, subtitles, menus, indicators, inventories, instructions, etc.) and adapt the game communications materials (credits, user manuals, press releases and so on). 

  • Project management 
  • Global adaptation of narrative design 
  • Game localization across all genres 
  • Technical document translations 
  • Video game subtitling, voiceover, dubbing and audio production 
  • Quality assurance, testing and accessibility 
  • Marketing trailer localization, voiceover and subtitling 
  • International marketing campaign localization 

IT Services Translations

Service documentation tailored to the needs, language and culture of your local users  

Translating texts that deal with IT and technology hardware or software is obviously a task reserved for specialists. Translations in the IT field must be extremely precise and translators specializing in this industry can’t leave any room for doubt – after all, your business’ credibility is at stake. 

Acolad offers the best IT translation services for your project. We help you improve your service levels to customers and employees with multilingual content solutions that enhance the users’ experiences across your VPN, LAN, WAN or VoIP services. 


Software & Mobile App Globalization

Ensure a smooth go-to-market process for your digital products 

Users worldwide expect professional local-language versions of software and apps that provide the same immersive end-user experience as the native-language original. And effective software globalization goes beyond translation, in order to meet the app functionality requirements and the cultural expectations of the target audience. 

At Acolad, we help you reach a global audience with comprehensive software & mobile app localization services including translation, user interface (UI) design, engineering and quality assurance testing. Our team of software localization experts will work with your team to ensure their hard work won’t be lost in translation, and that the final, localized product will be seamlessly presented to end-users across the globe. 

  • A full lifecycle solution for software and mobile app localization: 
  • Software globalization consultancy 
  • Technical project management 
  • Linguistic and cultural expertise 
  • Functional testing  
  • “Always-on” expert support 
Case Study

ESRI: Translation and localization on a global scale

Find out how we help the world leader in geographic information system (GIS) software to deliver a localized product to more than 350,000 organizations worldwide. 

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Website Localization

Website localization services to help boost your business, technology product or brand's online presence

High-quality localized website content will appeal to your target users online and convey your message’s meaning while adapting to the local market.  

We also offer a wide range of other digital content services to provide your business with quality localized content, including multilingual SEO, copywriting and marketing transcreation. 

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Audiovisual Translation & Multimedia Localization

Tech companies increasingly rely on video, audio and interactive media to reach users, from customer support, to elearning or social media marketing. But if your content is only available in your primary business language, you may not effectively reach your target audience. 

At Acolad, we help you centralize your international multimedia production processes to deliver globally consistent, but locally relevant message in your audiovisual content. Our full suite of multimedia services includes desktop publishing (DTP), voiceovers, subtitling, and more.  

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Other Enterprise Solutions & Services for Technology Industries

Digital Marketing Services

  • Multilingual SEO 
  • Copywriting and Content Creation 
  • Marketing Transcreation 
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Legal Translation Services

  • Certified & Sworn Translations 
  • Intellectual Property Translations 
  • Global Patent Filing 

Digital Experience Management

  • Customer Experience  
  • Employee Experience  
  • Digital Business 
  • Security & Compliance 

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